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Lets get Technical > All Things Tube All about preamp and power amp Tubes.

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Thank you! This is super helpful.

Just out of curiosity I was looking through the mods, but 2 of them have me confused.

Mod-1 gives you a Marshal sort of tone, Mod-3 gives kind of a Recto tone, 3.666 is like a killer version of mod-3, but what does that make mod-2 and mod 4 mkII? I couldn't find any descriptions on them.

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New here. I was told in another forum to introduce myself over here, so I picked up my first mp-1 from a very nice gentlemen who sold it to me for a really great deal. I'm very excited and will hopefully be picking up a powerblock to go with it soon!

It has the 1.38 EPROM in it, and I've heard marshalljmp is the man to talk to when it comes to everything under the hood of one of these. Anyways, thanks for being such a great community and I'm looking forward to all you guys have to share!

Thanks for the advice guys! I've read through a few of the posts on this forum and you guys have to be one of the most helpful communities I've been to.

Any recommendations on a decent budget power amp to go with this? Also, how important is the wattage of the power amp it goes into? Could I put it into something very low wattage for bedroom practice and have a higher wattage setup for gigs and band practice?

If I'm lucky, I'll be picking up an MP-1 (original) tomorrow. This will be my first piece of rack equipment, and I'll be piecing together more with time.

Until then, I would still like to play around with it to get familiar with the features. The manual says there is a headphone out on the back and that it is used for 600 ohm and up impedance headphones. I do not have high impedance headphones like that. What are my cheapest options here to at least play around with the preamp's sounds? Would I be able to go preamp > simple cab simulator > headphones?

Also, I have read that you want to always have a load on your tube amps. However, if I'm reading correctly this is only true with the power amp, correct? Preamp can be ran without a load?

Thank you for the help.

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