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Let us never forget our beloved founder - RIP Jurrie, we all miss you very much

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Discussions / Re: Happy New Year
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Heavy New Year to all of ya ;)  :whoohoo!:

Have a blast in 2018, keep shreddin' dem stringz to shrapnel pieces
 - and make sure to buy both Bitcoin and Gold!

^ seems like it; this page: refers to Todd having modded an mp-2 for him.,lester-claypool-primus/ refers the mp-2 as well - mmnn.. Polish (AFAICT) may not be everybody's strongest language, so just scroll down to the headline "LISTA SPRZĘTU" ;)

However, refers to a modded mp-1, likewise referred elsewhere..

Also seems like he has good sense of humor:
[quote FluxFreak13 (on TalkBass)]..somebody had thrown a coconut (!) on the stage - Les waited until they finished playing the entire "Sailing the Seas of Cheese" and calmly asked if it's some sort of Londoner thing. Then asked the guy who did it to come backstage so that they can crack it open and enjoy it together :D[/quote]

Discussions / Re: Who's playing in this vid?
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Yeah, I too simply can't figure out who it is; could be some "local" Asian band, they have some insanely skilled players that we rarely hear of here in the west.

Never been to Malaysia myself, closest call was Singapore, which I quite liked.
But, as said, I've been looking into Malaysia a lot lately, and it seems more and more inviting to me, actually the opposite of totally controlled Denmark with rules about every aspect of life. And the taxation..
Kuala Lumpur is so spiritually diversified, and no problems between cultures or religion.
Then there's the huge motorcycle culture there, and I miss bikes, so.. (try a search for Lady Rider Karak Highway)
You can use Mother Nature, and they have all kinds of adventure activities. Plus the climate to boot.

Discussions / Who's playing in this vid?
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Yo folks, I was looking at life and biking in Malaysia (seriously considering relocation), and came across the Kuala Lumpur bikers club.
Who's playing the opening song in this vid?


^ hehehe.. ;)

Just For Fun / What! No Crazy Yuletide yet?
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Well.. lacking the usual Crazy Yuletide stuff, here's some real corner-of-the-eyes stuff for ya:

And the competition itself, including former years:

Nope, but they'll probably work like cabled cans.
Just avoid Bluetooth thingies, due to the too-long latency.
Mmnn.. which creates the problem called price ;)

Effects / MIDI via USB devices
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Anyone having experience running MDI over a USB connection?

I've been looking into building a compact 2U 19" rig comprising an MP2 and a Lexicon Vortex (for solo delays), and will need a compact device for reverbs, delays and a few more effects.

Now, several compact devices exists on the market, having a mini USB connector.
Some of those can't be remote controlled; the USB being there purely for setting-up and save/reload.
However, some can indeed be remote controlled, with the question remaining: To which degree?
I see some accepting merely PC commands, where I'd prefer CC control of parameters.
Some have a mere 50 or so program slots.

I'm looking at the Zoom MS70CDR, which can be controlled via USB-MIDI PC commands, has 50 PC slots, no MIDI mapping, no CC control.

Anyone with experience into such [compact, pedal size] devices?

Well.. the GT-001 seemingly cannot be used alongside another preamp.
No send/returns, nor can both inst and mic be used simultaneously.
Nor does it look like the AUX-in can be routed through effects; it's purely for adding an external source while playing guitar.

So, it looks like I cannot use this otherwise cool device along, say, an MP-2, at least I can't have both it's internal preamp and the MP-2 active, but will have to skip using the GT's preamp, using it purely as an effector.
I was hoping to be able to stack up it's preamp section along with my MP-2, followed by the [GT] effects section; you know, AKA the 4-cable method.
Pity, because it has a lot of good stuff to offer..

Yeah, that was pretty neat.
I sometimes do some searchin' for acoustic playing - [almost] no electronics means you get to see hear what player can really do..

Hope it's ok to add some more cool acoustic stuff..
How about Thunderstruck?

And the wonderful all-carbon X20 Harpguitar from Emerald Guitars in Ireland:

Thanks for suggestions; about checking out the suggested stuff..
The MIDX-20 DUAL USB HOST seems usable for controlling the Roland GT-001 (and others).

EDIT: I'm getting quite hooked on the GT001:  (in German)

Effects / Pedal-sized effects unit with MIDI
« on: Time Format »
Which pedal-like effects with MIDI exists that'll preferably do:
 some basic reverbs, a big gated reverb, multitap-delay, chorus, flange.

These effects would preferably come in a single device, but two could be acceptable.
I can live without multitap delay, though I would prefer having it.
If it can do other effects, fine; just listing the most needed ones.

If a 9½" / halfrack thingy is what it takes, that would be ok too; just aren't aware of any, at least not in the halfrig list I attached in here last year (IIRC).
I case you wonder, it's for a [semi] programmable floorboard..

Discussions / Re: Where did Quality go?
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Yeah, it can be such a hit'n'miss with guitars.
I too will cry out my lungs over fairly expensive instruments with unfinished fret work.

A good number of years ago, I was looking for an acoustic nylon semi-classical with a cut-away.
Didn't have much money, but the ones I could afford, around dkk 3500-3800, weren't any good.

Passing by a local guitar and gear shop, I picked a dkk 1745 guitar from the wall, purely because it looked quite good.
Everything looked to made quite well, so I started playing it, and lo and behold, it played well and sounded quite good, much better than the other ones I'd tested at twice the price.
Just a light fret dress, rounding fret ends, trimming saddle and nut, which I'd expect on any inexpensive guitar.

Yup, it was an el-cheapo Samich! 2K total with stand and sleeping bag is what I call a good deal.
Such a guitar obviously isn't a concerto instrument and the deck construction won't take super high tension strings, but one size down will do just fine.

Discussions / Re: R.I.P Malcome Young
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RIP Malcolm.
So glad I saw you live at Monsters of Rock in Copenhagen while AC/DC were at the top.
You really got the rhythm going strong!  I felt close to shirt-fronted..

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