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You guys are not going to believe this...but... you can use a regular ADA Quad switch as a pedal for this amp!!!!

Just for shits and giggles, I plugged my Quad switch into the amp. It was set on toggle, not momentary, and the four switches were changing channels. However, they would also automatically turn on the boost. With some trial & error, I figured out that if you set switches 1&3 to momentary, and 2&4 to toggle, you can switch channels with one button and turn the boost on/off with the other button. HOW FRICKEN COOL IS THAT?

Now, I'll buy another Quad switch and rip out the innards to put it into a 2-button housing I already have.

Another Win for Dante!    :whoohoo!:    Good thing those Quad switches are fairly plentiful.  Well, at least far more plentiful than the actual Snake Charmer footswitch. always seems to have 3-4 available.

Combo Amps / Re: NGD: Super Clean VIPER!!
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Quick question, for the channel and boost switching on the amp, are these momentary switches or do they latch?

The Channel Selectand Boost buttons are momentary.  The Voicing buttons are latching.

I wonder what a Quad switch could do to help....I have no schematic for that.   :dunno:

Combo Amps / Re: NGD: Super Clean VIPER!!
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aaahhh ! first time I open it, I'd never expect it to be so technical

I thought it was a simple switch

I have pics of the footswitch here:

Troubleshooting Problems / Re: Got noise???
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I'm using something similar to that, Gerry.  Even got it from the same place!  lol

Donner Power Supply

This is for my stompbox pedalboard btw and has been working flawlessly for that.  I still have the shit power supply in the rack for Phantom Power which I will replace, but in a pinch I could just run a lead from this pedalboard supply over to my MidiBuddy too.

Troubleshooting Problems / Re: Got noise???
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 I'm still using the exact same generic power supply that I've had ever since first getting into rack gear.  :o
IIRC it was because of something about the original Rolls power supply for the MidiBuddy not fitting into the Phantom Power jack or something silly like that, so I had to buy one of those "one kind fits all" jobs with adjustable voltage and interchangeable tips.  I set it and taped it all up so it wouldn't get changed by accident.

But every once in a while the floorboard resets on me, and now that you mention it.....I bet it's the crap power supply.  :facepalm:

Thanks for that bit of overlooked insight, I'm going to take care of that asap.   

Combo Amps / Re: NGD: Super Clean VIPER!!
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I can't believe that Viper came up for sale in such good condition.  Pretty sure they are more rare than the QuadTube, but less rare than the other Sidewinder series amps.  These Vipers are so much better than what you'd normally think a 1x12 combo would be.  They sound AMAZING.  The Crunch on the Green channel was worth it alone, plus it has more tonal selections over in the Red channel.  The VariCab makes it behave like a much bigger amp and cab; engaging it makes the sound just leap out at you.

Damn fine score, Dante. Damn fine score.   :thumb-up:

Discussions / Re: R.I.P Eddie Clarke
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Aww man.....   :'(

RIP Fast Eddie.   

Gigs - Live Talk / Re: Your worst gig
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I hear alot of "worst gig " stories from other local musicians so I was wondering what were some of yours?

What a great idea for a Topic! 

Man.....I can recall a lot of little things going on here and there but not really an entirely "bad" gig. 

A gig where my patch cables in the rack case decided to go bad.  No warning, just intermittent signal going and just winding me up.  There's me, literally kicking my rack case while playing in an attempt to get it to behave and finish the set.  Pretty entertaining for the crowd I suppose. 

Had a strap come off, but actually didn't drop the guitar.  Had to crouch down and play for a bit until the guitarist from the support band noticed what happened and jumped up onstage to fasten it back on for me.   :bow:  I've also done the same for others onstage.  Good to have each others' backs that way.

Tried to do a Halloween gig in 5" heels.  Guess I didn't think that one through very well; I had an absolute miserable time trying to hit the correct buttons on my midi floorboard, and my feet really hurt like hell on top of that.  Funny I made it to the show, set up, soundchecked, and hob-knobbed about the place all the way up to to showtime in those heels with no problems.  The minute we start playing onstage and then it's f*ck me.  Had to kick them off my feet halfway through the first song and they stayed off for the rest of our set. 

Someone booked us to play at a popular club (which we've played several times before with success. The owner loved us!) on the same night the city was having their annual River Festival thing.  The band playing at that Festival was this relatively unknown and somwhat obscure band that happened to go by the name "Foreigner".    ;)  Guess where everyone was that night?  Not at the club we were playing.  We played to 5 people and the club staff and the owner was hopping mad.  He blamed us for not drawing the crowd and we were like "Dude.....FOREIGNER is playing down at the f**king Riverfront! Who were we supposed to draw in?  YOU booked us for that night!"

Rants & Raves / Re: 2018 pretty cool so far.
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I numbered some of those points as they are exactly my reality also.  Weird in the U.S you have the same issues in your huge country as I do in my tiny country!

Great idea on the numbering, Gerry!  I'll go back and edit like that as well.  While the States are a much bigger country than say Ireland, there's still the trend of people wanting Mainstream Metal.  The Metal you play and the Metal I play seemed to have gone back underground.  Maybe it's a Generation thing.  The 20-somethings think of 5FDP and the like whenever someone says "Metal".
It's what's played on the radio and it's what draws the fans of that age.   Nobody "gets" your band unless they're already familiar with and like bands such as Judas Priest and other NWOBHM.  Nobody "gets" my band unless they are already familiar with and like bands such as Black Sabbath and Candlemass.  You and I don't sound like 5FDP and we don't want to because you and I play by our own rules and have to work harder to get a following....from the Underground back up.

I wouldn't say all good players are doing covers in Ireland, but I will say that the money is in doing covers and for me I could never do a cover band, never.  I never covered peoples songs when I started out and I don't do it now.  A guy in my work is always going on about me doing covers and I'm like "man I aint doin covers, it's not the same as creating your own music, not even close".

Our last drummer also kept trying to push covers.  (Guess where he is now....)  lol
I could do one or two, but am very picky about which ones to do and I'd rather not anyway.  In fact, I could come up with a pretty long list of covers that I absolutely refuse to play, mainly because everyone else already does those and I'm just not interested anyway.  That other guy wanted us to do a Tool cover and some other shit ideas that had absolutely nothing to do with our style.  He also wanted to tell offensive and poor taste jokes in between songs to further f*ck up our reputation to make things "fun".  "People will love it!"  he would say.  Um, no they won't jackass and we'll never get to play in that town again after that. WTF dude.
Never give a drummer a vocal mic.....   ;)

I don't know what Les used later on, but I can confirm he used an MP-1 during the Frizzle Fry tour.

I had heard that before as well.  Didn't know they went to the MP-2 later though...

Cool thing about playing with them was that we got to meet/hang out with the fellas, great bunch of guys. Very humble and fun, and yes...funny. Funny looking, funny sounding, funny personalities - we seemed to get along well, our band was full of geeky guys like them. nerdy musicians rule \m/

I would have loved to chat up Larry one-on-one about his time and gear he used when he was in Possessed.  Seems like he doesn't want people to know he was in a Death Metal band before, even if it was one of the best early-genre ones.   ::)

Rants & Raves / Re: 2018 pretty cool so far.
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In this area (rural) bass players and drummers are extremely hard to find.

Right with ya there, Herby.  Here in the "No Coast" we just doesn't seem to have the available players that the East and West Coast areas might be known for.   Everybody and their brother plays guitar.  So very few play bass and there's even less drummers.  If I could go back and do it again.....I'd be a drummer or a bassist and I'd never be without a job. 

1.  It gets worse if you're doing original music. 
2.  Then a bit worse after that if you're doing original music that isn't the trend. 
3.  Now a touch worse if it's original Metal music that doesn't sound like Slayer, Slipknot, Trivium, Avenged Sevenfold or some brutal Death Metal. 
The good players want to do covers only, and the trendy covers at that because apparently "there's money in it".  No soul or real satisfaction but they might get some pocket money.

Musician:  Someone who loads $5,000 worth of gear into a $500 car to drive 150 miles for $50.   

^ The struggle is real.   :facepalm:   You just don't realize how much money is invested with the thought going in that "I'm not in it for the money".   

So back to the Drum Audition.   I can say it went better than I expected! This guy set up just a tiny kit for the audition/jam (he has several kits of various sizes  :o) and just KILLED it!  He only had a short time to prep and learn but was still getting it right.  Remember, the last guy was in the band for 2 years and still couldn't remember "who starts this one?" or where he was at in the song half the time.  Stan and I were just grinning like idiots through the songs because they went so well and just felt perfect.
Hopefully we can continue to move forward now.  There's new songs to write, new places to play, new opportunities to be had.  All of that had to stay on the back burner previously until the Drummer got sorted, but we believe this new guy is up for it.   :banana-rock:

Rants & Raves / 2018 pretty cool so far.
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Hey so far so good.   Lot of stuff happened in the last few months and I've been busy with all that and haven't had as much opportunity to hang out here as I should and would. 

Had a housing dilemma last fall; the people we rented from for the last 5 years decided they needed to sell their house.  No way were we going to buy it because A: it needed so much more fixing than it was worth, B: we already paid for half of it in Rent anyway so why would we buy it at 1 plus one half of the selling price?   So we had to really scramble to find somewhere else to live and fast.  Would've been nice if they had told us early in the year so we had time for this shit, but noooo.....
Long story short, we were just sick and tired of moving whenever the owners needed us to move so we took the leap and bought our own damn house in the next town over!  :whoohoo!:  And it's damn nice.  We'll pay for it for the rest of our lives, but nobody gets to tell us to pack our shit and beat it.  (unless there's a foreclosure of course) 

I actually have a room now just for all my Home Studio, Music, and Electronics Stuff!  Super stoked!

And the band.  Well, we had to sack the drummer.  This fuggin guy..... You'd think that a musician who wants to continue being a "musician" would actually learn the material and play consistently within 2 years and not insist on just bullshitting his way through it all like it's Improv Hour.  You'd think he could stay behind the kit and be ready to play instead of getting out after every song to roll a cigarette, drink a beer, and hit a pipe. You'd think that someone insisting on doing backing vocals would actually be able to sing and stop messing with the board at the beginning of every practice to do a 10 minute soundcheck just for his backing vocals.  You'd think that he would not blow off scheduled rehearsals to go to parties or  go jam with some other band.   Bah.  Myself and the bassist/vocalist just kept trying to get him to come around and see the light but it just wasn't gonna happen with this guy and we simply could not be bothered to spend another minute trying with him.  Fired and Done.

The very next day (honest!) we met another local drummer who was very excited for the chance to join us.  Did an interview, seemed like a cool guy, showed us some of his chops, and gave him cds of our material to learn.  Less than a month later, he is ready for the real audition (tonight!) :banana-trip:  Fingers crossed that he did what he said he would, is as confidant about it as he says he is, and is already ready to go.  I'll keep you posted.

So.  My first Rants and Raves in 2018.   :thumb-up:

I was going to add that "I wonder if he's aware that Richard is in Australia...."   :o

Besides, if he gets one more Quad and CCP pedal, well...we'll just have to call him a "hoarder".   ;)

Just For Fun / Re: Part 2
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Found an old pic I had while poking around for info.   

The HotRod Mod for the MP-1!

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