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I suspect that a thorough cleaning of switches and pots, along with a new battery, will bring this baby back to life.

Easy job for a good luthier.

Discussions / Re: dealing with GAS
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Chucky - check out this forum for help with your Boston phase:

I like that it's rawer distortion, that is better.  @GB, I have a sustainor which I know is designed to be used with flat speakers either direct in recording or flat sounding cabs and power amp.  Is the SST 19 the same?  Or does it lack that speaker emulation quality that say the X100 and Sustainor and Distortion Generator have?

Just curious as I would love to run the SST using real cabs.

The SST-19 does not have any speaker emulation, so you could run it into a cab sim + power amp + FRFR speakers or into the effects return of a guitar amp.

Discussions / Re: General EQ Question
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If you want the ultimate EQ control for guitar, you should look at the Tom Scholz designed the Rockman Instrument Equalizer.  Tom realized early on that the typical parametric EQs available for studio or live work did not have the ideal frequency bands for guitar.  He came up with a much better combination:

62, 125, 250, 500, 700, 1000, 1400, 2000, 2800, 4000, 8000, 15000 Hz, all +/- 12 dB.  I've tried duplicating the results on typical studio EQs and this is superior every time.

You can pick one of these up on eBay.

Posting the schematic for yall!  Thanks a million GB for that, much appreciated.

How long have you had the SST 19?  You own Rockman modules also right?  How do they compare?

I've had mine for about 10 years now; I run it side by side with a Rockman XPR, which is the unit that Nobels emulated with the SST-19.  Although Nobels claim they came up with theirs first!  Who to believe?  I'm betting on Tom Scholz.  The SST-19 has some fun different features, such as mixing of clean & distorted channels.  Both units are a little noisy; I like putting a Rockman Smart Gate in the effects loop.  The XPR is pure Boston, the SST-19 distortion is different, more "raw".

Guitars / Re: Dead spots
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Let's start by you listing each of the guitars that exhibit this problem, so we can see what they have in common.

I have the manual and schematics.  PM me with your email address.

Introduce Yourself / Re: new
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Fabulous!  Enjoy!

Combo Amps / Re: Viper in it's natural habitat
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Microtube 200 sold to Dante!

Rack Gear / Re: Empty 2U rack chassis
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Have you tried eBay?

Mint condition JVM205H 50W Head with foot switch, used only in smoke-free studio.  Asking $900.

I haven't touched these in a long while, so I figured they'd be better off in a new home:

ADA 2FX SN 312439 - $110 (no footswitch)
ADA Digitizer 4 Foot Controller SN DS10189, NOS in original shipping box - $90
ADA FS-2 Foot Switch SN FS20524, NOS in original shipping box - $45
ADA Microcab II SN UC014627963 - $160
ADA Microtube 200 refurbished, new tubes SN MT011736934 - $200 SOLD!
ADA MP-2 SN 502185942 - $300
ADA MXC Foot Controller SN DP011101942 - $100
ADA PitchTraq SN HIV40953 - $150
ADA Quad Switch SN DP10762941 - $30

All are in perfect working order.  Please PM me if you're interested.  Thanks!

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