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Board added for "ADA Cab Sims" in Other ADA Gear (coz El asked for it LOL)

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As I said on another thread, the only ADA preamp I have with all its screws is my original MP2 bought new, I have only had the top off this unit a few times (EPROM upgrade, 3 x tube changes (1. SPAX7s not optimal); 2. NS LP Mullard 12AX7; 3. new NS LP Mullards)).  I even went as far as always putting the screws back in their original holes (call me pedantic but don't call me late for dinner LoL).  And even with all that care taken some wont tighten down properly anymore.

All my other units (3 x MP2, 2 x MB1 & 2 x MP1) have screws either missing or wont tighten (partially stripped).

With the MP2, the 3 screws that mount the lid to the heat sink (which is aluminum) strip and end up loose, and sometimes fall out and/or are hard to remove (which you have to, to take the top off). I can sort of live with "some" of the other screws being missing/loose but it's important that the heat sink mounts solidly to the top to dissipate heat (which MP2s make quite a bit of).

So I'm sure I'm not alone in this, what are good solutions fellow ADAers ?
Very slightly larger screws ? possibly the difference between metric and imperial can help here ?? as in the closest metric (almost) equivalent is just a little larger  :dunno: .
Some sort of "lock tight"
I've tried thread tape (on the MP2 heat sink screws), it's a pain to do and doesn't work

Discussions / Tele gets a run
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So I took the Tele out for a run last Sunday, I'd forgotten how great it is to play (and I like how Tele's fight you a bit  >:D ).  It now has an Ultrasonic PU in the neck (mmmm), I put the Hot rails into the Bullet Strat which I've been using allot lately.

Discussions / New House - Rig Pics
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So with much pain (and allot of help from MikeB) I had to move house after 10 years . So I'm in the new rental, and after (quite a few glasses of whisky) I set up part of my studio system (1st Sat-Sun night), and the next week I decided to set up all the rest of my gear (minus what's at Mikes still), if I fire this up properly, my neighbors will no doubt revolt LoL

Original MP-1 / Fixing Richards 240v MP-1
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So I bought this MP-1 a while ago and also got a US MP-1 in the deal.  The US one works fine.  The 240v MP-1 worked ok for 15 mins or so then stopped responding to program changes and now won't boot up completely.  So when you power it on it goes through some checks, display 1.38 (EPROM version) the displays ADA and goes no further.

I have given it to my tech Tim to fix and also created an account for him on here (username Tim) So he can hopefully post about the repair and also ask questions etc if/as needed.  Obviously any ideas anyone has will be greatly appreciated.

So far he thinks its power related (IIRC MJMP said that to ages ago when I first fired it up).  So first he said he'd check the caps around the power supply.

Discussions / Happy New Year
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Hey everyone, happy new year  :banana-trip: .  And a big thank you to all here who contribute to keep this site the great place it is  :wave:

Cheers R  :metal: :headbanger:

Discussions / RIP George Young
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Apart from the Easy Beats, there wouldn't have been an AC/DC without George Young (  He did more for the sound of Australian rock than anyone  >:D . And, as Angry Anderson from Rose Tattoo said "no one attacks a guitar like an Australian" (Seems to be in our DNA LoL, and I know just what he means  :whoohoo!: >:D )

Discussions / Happy Fathers Day !
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For all here who are fathers, HAPPY FATHERS DAY  :wave: , I had a lovely afternoon/evening with my daughter, she bought me some much needed tracky dacks and then dinner.

Guitars / NGD for my daughter
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Well go figure, I bought my daughter a baby taylor (US made limited edition), over 10 years ago.  She wasn't into it back then so it joined my collection (nice little 3/4 guitar), I recently put a new set of strings on it and set it up, it doesn't get played much.
Anyway, my daughter asked the other night if I could give her acoustic guitar lessons, well absolutely  :whoohoo!: .  So she had her first lesson today (I gave her a few lessons way back but she wasn't particularly into it then), and now she's so keen and picked it up very easily (though her fingers will hurt for a week or so LoL). So happy and proud  :banana-jazz-smiley-emoticon:

Since the last SMF upgrade (the program that powers the depot) some of us (though not all) get the following message when login on:
Unable to verify referring url. Please go back and try again.

And then you have to log on again.

Kim came up with a work around, if this happens to you consistently (as it does for me): before you log on, click any of the boards (eg Discussions) then log on.  I find this works and saves me having to log on twice.

Since not everybody has this issue, it may depend on the browser you use, I use Firefox with the "No Script" add in and I get the issue consistently.

Hey all, I have a spare B200s transformer (US voltage) if anyone needs/wants one.

Amps / Traynor YCV80q 4x10 combo
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A mate of mine picked up one of these baby's, I had a play through it tonight. Nice amp only the spring reverb doesn't work.  I suggested he join the depot and we may be able to help him. Anyone have any experience with these amps ?  BTW it sounds great, it has Fender badged 6L6s in it, don't know about the 12AX7s as they are not exposed.  He also picked up a really nice 50th anniversary gold squier strat, nice guitar and looks spectacular, though could use a decent sustain block.

Hey fellow MP-2 aficionados, I'm having a play with a soul/R&B band on Sat arvo (Soul Trader, allegedly: bass, drums, keys, me, and 2 female singers), all my patches are rock oriented, so I'd appreciate some patches/ideas/good Fx ideas if you have any ? I suspect it's time for me to discover voice 2, 3, and 4 (rather than 1, 5 and 9 >:D ).  It crossed my mind that phaser would be useful ?, crap I haven't used phase in years (since I had a MXR phase 45, first Fx I ever had...).
@Dante, you play a bit of soul stuff IIRC ?

Rack Gear / GMaj2 blown fuse
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Hey ADAers, Mikes GMaj2 has blown the fuse in its power supply, we pulled it (the fuse) out on Sunday at rehearsal  :facepalm: (crap TCs' are difficult to open up  :dunno: , you have to take off the jack mounting nuts... and have all the special screwdriver bits (ahh but I have a few of them  :whoohoo!: who said buying tools was stupid.. )), then he used my (MP-2) guitar rig  >:D , so it didn't spoil they afternoon... (I think Mike likes the MP-2 triggered Wah.. LoL).  So he put a new fuse in today, blew straight away  :facepalm: crap.... He's looking into sending it to the TC tech support in Sydney (it's well out of warranty so this could be expensive, IF they even know what they are doing.. I suspect they'll just farm it out  :dunno: , I could be wrong).
Anyway, any ideas guys ??
So it's where the jug (IEC) lead comes into the unit, there's a small transformer and circuit board, the blown fuse is next to the transformer.

B500B (G500S) / B500B Transformer
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We have the B500B transformer specs etc, the company that looked at it recons ADA got it wrong IIRC  :dunno: . It's not that you can't get a transformer to do the job, it's just fitting it in the case  :facepalm: .  So if I go with an external transformer, it will work.

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