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Amps / Mesa 50/50 lo power issue
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Hey all,
since I re-configured my rig I thought I would give the 50/50 another shot. First off it sounds great, way better than before. I simplified my rack a bit so the gain staging is much easier. The issue I am having is on lo power it sounds like a blown speaker on one side. I swapped the speakers leads and it moved to the other cab. Ok the speaker isn't the issue. It doesn't do it on hi power, so what do I need to do to fix the lo power setting?

Ok,  so we had a three night gig at the same location.  Night one went great. Now on night two my rig sounded like absolute shit, nothing changed venue wise or settings wise. Night three it sounded great again. WTF? What I mean by sounding like shit is one patch had too much top end while another had too much bottom end. Still scratching my noodle on this, any ideas?

Gigs - Live Talk / Your worst gig
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I hear alot of "worst gig " stories from other local musicians so I was wondering what were some of yours?

Here's one of mine:
Back in  the fall of 1985 (holy shit I suddenly feel old) I was a 15 year old teenage guitar player who just moved to a new town. Didn't take me long to hook up with some fellow musicians at my new high school, form a band and start to play small gigs.  We had a handful of gigs under our belt when we signed up for a local "battle of the bands". We went on 4th out of 10 bands, and each band could play 2 songs. Song 1 we played Take these chains off by Judas Priest. I nailed the solo and going back into the chorus my guitar strap came undone and I dropped my axe. Leaving a nice size divet on the bottom corner. Picked it up and finished the song.
Song 2 was Slick black Cadillac by Quiet Riot, I broke 2 strings playing the solo but carried on. To top it all off, Our bass player was having some terrible stage fright and decided to drink some liquor and smoke a little weed prior to us going on.  By the time I finished butchering the solo his buzz kicked into overdrive and he started stumbling around the stage. He tripped over his mic cord, fell into the drum kit, knocking over a cymbal that fell down slicing the power cord for my amp in half.
Lessons learned:
1. from that point until now I install Schaller strap locks on all my guitars.
2. i haven't broken that many strings playing live, cause I change them alot more frequently than I did as a kid.
3. I won't play with someone who gets hammered prior to a show. Afterwards,  knock yourself out!
So pretty much everything that could go wrong did.
We did boot that bass player not long after that, I wonder what ever happened to that guy..........
Anyways that was my first horrible gig. Let's hear some of yours  :headbanger:

Effects / Talk boxes
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Anyone here have any experience with a talk box? I am looking for some tips and suggestions.

We recently landed a Halloween gig, the band collectively decided to dress as the Scorpions and cover scorpion tunes at the gig. Now I am left learning 10 more scorpion tunes one of them being the solo to the zoo, hence a talk box. Yup you guessed it I will be Matias Jabs.  I always loved his style but learning all his parts note for note gave me a whole new appreciation for the man. What an underrated musician this guy is.

Guitars / NGD Charvel So Cal
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 :metal: I couldn't resist,  2014 Charvel So Cal Pro Mod
Duncan distortions, Floyd Rose, EVH D-Tuna. This beast has some serious balls! What a shred machine. :headbanger:

Amps / Jackson JX3
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Jackson JX3 preamp, anyone here ever tried one of these?
From what I can tell they were made for Jackson by Laney, 2 channel non midi controllable. However I can use the relay in my G major 2 for changing channels and activating the boost function. Picked one up real cheap, should have it in a day or so. Was wondering if anyone had any experience with one.

Effects / Anyone ever tried this?
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So last night we went out to check out this other band. The guitarist was running into an A/B box, A went to a Carl Martin Plexi tone and B went into a Marshall Gov'Ner directly into a Marshall dual mono block. The tone was amazing!!  :headbanger: I couldn't believe my ears, this guy had tone for days.  :metal: Using those pedals like preamps. Anyone ever tried this type of setup? I might have to give it a go just for shits and giggles to see what I can come up with.

Rack Gear / Pop 80's reverb and delay
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Hey guys here's my dilema... I have a gig next month to fill in for a friend of a friend. They are an 80's pop cover band (not my cup of tea but after buying this house I could use the extra coin). I cannot for the life of me get the right tone to cover, wait for it....Corey Hart, sunglasses at night and a few others which have the same tone. Neither my G major 2 or G force will get it right. I am considering putting either my quadraverb or intellifex in the MP1 loop, so I don't screw up my normal patches. Just make a few mp1 patches with the loop on for this gig.  Anybody have a good patch for either of those units for what I need? Also an MP1 patch would help, all my patches sound too heavy, even ones I made with the o.d's below 5. :dunno:

Amps / Power Amp volume
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I was wondering if anyone here runs their power amp wide open? I used to for some power amp distortion, but more and more I find myself running my MT200 in the 1:00 position and adding more preamp volume at the mixer. Who prefers what and why?

Finally! I am back :wave:
We are all settled in at the new house. I moved out into the county and man is it beautiful and peaceful. I took a few months off (like 4), not even picking up a guitar or doing any writing. :nono:
I felt like I was burning myself out, way too much going on at once.  :crazy:
Now I feel recharged and full of some fresh ideas!
BTW,  MJMP I finally started using the G Force last night. Awesome unit!! Super transparent :thumb-up:

Rack Gear / Lexicon MPX1
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Scored on one of these today for next to nothing! Slapped it in the MP2's loop and it sounds pretty damn good! :whoohoo!: I was looking for a MPX G2 but I couldn't pass this up, looks brand new! My only bitch is the lag time when switching presets. Those Lexicon reverbs are lush as hell :bow:

Rack Gear / Digitech GSP1101
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I tried one of these awhile back and didn't care much for it. This past week I revisited the 1101 unit. After updating to the C63 update and running it with my MP1 in it's loop I have changed my opinion on it. My only issues with is only being able to use 1 modulation effect at a time and the Mesa amp sims don't sound the greatest. On the plus side the effects sound great and the Roland JC120 sim sounds outstanding!! :thumb-up: I use mostly my MP1 for my preamp tones with the exception of a few amp sims that sound authentic. I use my ADA cabs for all presets no cab sims. I could do a whole gig with just these two units. :amaze: For some reason (maybe the updates helped) I am just blown away by the tones I am getting. :metal:

MP-2 / Finally did it!
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Just pulled the trigger on an MP-2 :whoohoo!: I should see it Monday....can't wait!

Microtube 200 MT-200 / MT200
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I scored an MT200, will be picking it up in a day or so. New neon bulb already installed with a few extra! Can't wait to hook it up :whoohoo!:

Effects / NPD!
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I picked up a Digitech Drop pedal today.....WOW this thing rocks! No more having to take a bunch of axes to a gig for different tuning set ups. I can now take 1 axe and a back up and that's it. Plus no more spending hours to down tune a Floyd rose. I hear NO artifacts in the tone. Very impressed to say the least! :thumb-up:

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