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Rants & Raves / Updated pics on previous post
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Damn Photobucket, now charging for 3rd party hosting of pics.

I updated my Michael Waegner post with pics again.

Just hung out with Michael Wagner at a podcast convention. Super nice guy and we talked about Mp1's for a while. He still has his but says he uses Kemper exclusively now.

Edit: Uploaded pics through another service. Photobucket wanted $400/yr.  :nono: :nono: :nono:

MP-2 / New Display Day
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Finally ordered a replacement screen for my MP-2. I ordered black background with bright blue characters but par for course they shipped a different one. Easy installation and only one character glitch which isn't bad. At only $25 shipped I'll keep it and see if I like it.[

Hey all,
I made a quick video of my tinkering with a w/d/w setup. Don't mind the playing and messy wires, I was still experimenting and I usually run a cleaner wiring setup.

I explain the whole signal path in the video. I would have to double check but I think the MP2 was set on Warm Vintage.


MP-2 / New MP-2 Day....and another splitstack!
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Just mined Craigslist gold. An MP-2 and a slant splitstack.

Pictures soon. The screen backlight is out but still readable.

I had a MP-2 for a while from Adam but we traded back.

Looking forward to putting it through it's paces.


Introduce Yourself / Panda's Back!
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