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Discussions / Who's playing in this vid?
« on: Time Format »
Yo folks, I was looking at life and biking in Malaysia (seriously considering relocation), and came across the Kuala Lumpur bikers club.
Who's playing the opening song in this vid?

Just For Fun / What! No Crazy Yuletide yet?
« on: Time Format »
Well.. lacking the usual Crazy Yuletide stuff, here's some real corner-of-the-eyes stuff for ya:

And the competition itself, including former years:

Effects / MIDI via USB devices
« on: Time Format »
Anyone having experience running MDI over a USB connection?

I've been looking into building a compact 2U 19" rig comprising an MP2 and a Lexicon Vortex (for solo delays), and will need a compact device for reverbs, delays and a few more effects.

Now, several compact devices exists on the market, having a mini USB connector.
Some of those can't be remote controlled; the USB being there purely for setting-up and save/reload.
However, some can indeed be remote controlled, with the question remaining: To which degree?
I see some accepting merely PC commands, where I'd prefer CC control of parameters.
Some have a mere 50 or so program slots.

I'm looking at the Zoom MS70CDR, which can be controlled via USB-MIDI PC commands, has 50 PC slots, no MIDI mapping, no CC control.

Anyone with experience into such [compact, pedal size] devices?

Effects / Pedal-sized effects unit with MIDI
« on: Time Format »
Which pedal-like effects with MIDI exists that'll preferably do:
 some basic reverbs, a big gated reverb, multitap-delay, chorus, flange.

These effects would preferably come in a single device, but two could be acceptable.
I can live without multitap delay, though I would prefer having it.
If it can do other effects, fine; just listing the most needed ones.

If a 9½" / halfrack thingy is what it takes, that would be ok too; just aren't aware of any, at least not in the halfrig list I attached in here last year (IIRC).
I case you wonder, it's for a [semi] programmable floorboard..

As you know, I'm betting on a future life in a van.
So, what about music and space consuming gear?  Oh well, no need to worry:

This is more than just fun, it's an outstanding example of keeping the composure on stage.

As you know, things have been and still are very problematic for me, so I've been looking into alternative living, like campers and RV/autocampers.
Now, fully living off-grid isn't too practical here in dk, so lets consider partial off-grid.

Rules and regulations doesn't exactly facilitate even the partial approach, but things could be possible.
Due to the dk world record tax on cars and also road taxes, autocampers are expensive, so I'd go my own route and convert a truck into a semi-livable thingy.

Now, what makes a truck being an autocamper is the presence of fixed installations that turns it into a full-time living space.
So, avoid fixed installations, and it'll be a truck with survival capabilities, no?

Example: A carpenters truck could have a shower/toilet cabin installed, but still won't be a living space.
An intermittent bed could be folded down, because the carpenter could be on a busy assignment, away from night-over options.
A small fridge with freezer box would be there for the lunchbox, juice and milk for the coffee. And so forth..
The big problem is the kitchen, but methinks this could be arranged as a non-fixed assy in a chassis that can be lifted out, serving as a field-kitchen - for my weekend sports activities, of course.

Apart from the kitchen, electricity will be my main problem. Sure, all camping sites as mains ac plug-in spots, but I'd want to not have to be at a camping site all the time.

So, I'd install solar panels on the roof, and there's a whole range of info on this on the web.
Just had a chat with MJMP, here's what we briefly discussed:

Sinn: I'm thinking of buying a well-used suitable mid-sized truck and build it into an approximation to an autocamper, and of course add panels to it.
Should be possible to generate about 800 [peak] watts up there, of course depending on the type of panels and whether they're flat all the time or I add the means to angle them towards the sun.
Plus of course avoid using the thin types that can be glued on; distance to roof is needed for cooling.

I've been through some vids about smart setups, but I'm still investigating controllers, inverters, chargers and hybrid ones with several functions in one box.

Seems like it can easily get fairly expensive relative to how much I'll be able to get off-grid.

MJMP: ...the inverters have to see the "grid" else they drop out which is normal if the grid shuts down for a reason.

Now I do know the best way to get the most out of solar panels is to let them follow the sun. But for the rest can't tell you much, I don't even know if you can buy off grid inverters here, they all have the C10/11 label.
(C10/C11 are EU standards)

Sinn: For mobile uses, controllers are made differently, as they obviously cannot be connected to the grid, at least only when a vehicle is parked on a designated RV parking/camping slot - which likewise obviously defies the whole purpose of living, at least partially, off-grid.

Here's a few interesting posts'n'stuff:

Combined battery charger and Power-Boster
PowerPack Basic: 223 x 270 x 70 mm, weight 6 kg, €759,00 / 5.700 dkk
Büttner Elektronik,

Danish article about it, but has useful graphics:

This video is just one of many about general RV living, but has some interesting info on the electric systems, which starts about 9:40 :

Discussions / The rackstar ADA should do
« on: Time Format »
From the "New Preamp Pedal underway:

They should just make us the MP-3 we've been asking for, 3 or 4 preamp tubes, include MP-1, MP-2 and MP-1 classic tones (circuits) some decent Fx digital and analogue based on their brilliant past devices and all the goodies that are in a MP-2 and blow the AxeFx into the bit bucket by using "real" sounds. But it seems they want to make stomp boxes  :facepalm: which is what I bought my first MP-1 to get away from...

Well.. one interesting aspect to this is IMHO: Will 'they' let them? I'm thinking of the Hormones..
No major product gets to market without permission and membership to the right lodges.

Another issue when developing this new potential MP-3 would be: How many effects?
A pure preamp with ample S/R loops would be sexy for many.
Include the most needed effects, and some would be totally satisfied; however, reviewers would likely comment this as being sparsely populated, and developing a full range of affects takes a lot of time - unless, of course, they'd simply license those from, say, Lexicon, in which case they'd need permission nonetheless.

I'd be totally happy with two tubes prepended by a stomp like their gain-sensitive pedal plus one parametric filter, wah, compressor/sustainer, a post-6-band EQ, a few reverbs, a multitap delay, a solo delay, true-stereo chorus and flange, tremolo, a simple pitch for playing double and a simple harmonizer for adding extra timbre; all of it hookable to an envelope follower for dynamic control based on playing style.
One relocatable mono loop, and one stereo loop, plus direct out for tuner or recording raw string.
Some analog speaker filters, and a buiild-in looper with separate outputs.

Basically an MP-2 with pre stomp and EQ, plus some effects, better speaksim and a looper.. :bow:

So, Google has started serving the wibbly web with more punishment.
New tools announced for content-holders to enforce visitors to disable their add-blockers in order to see the site - or pay a fine if not. At least they do leave the option to simply leave the site unseen..

If anyone thinks they do this to help the poor artists, think again, repeat and rinse.
Hordes of websters do not very much like those adds, and add-blockers are having a great time, leaving Google with lowered income. Hence those new tools.

IMHO, that is..  Your thoughts?
Good that AdaDepot is without those abominations :bow:

Rants & Raves / Could use advise
« on: Time Format »
Very briefly:
I have till Friday 2nd to locate a new place to live.
How the .... does one find an affordable place during tourist season..

It's more than just frustrating. After the exodus from the apartment, I was granted the legal early-heritage from the old lady, but she and her bank cleric wanted to manage me, so I would have to follow their idea of signing up to social benefits, and ask for the alotted money in chunks. They don't understand that social benefits in this country is actually a loan from state that can be demanded paid back, and also means signing on to being managed.

Also, my mom wouldn't let me stay long enough to resolve issues and finish arranging the right camber I actually had on my hands at that time. At half of the alotted money, I could've had a cash paid spacious LMC LX-570 camber on a full-year arrangement, prepaid for a full year, hooked up to electricity, water and outlet, and enough left over to handle my situation well into autumn, with my stuff collected, so I'd have clothes and the ability to sell my gear and look for job.
I basically had to flee her spacious apartment in panic and rent an expensive cabin on a camping site.

All of this also later prevented me from acting on deals on campers when the few useful ones were available.
I had to pay expensively for the transit cabin I've lived in for now three month, digging too deep into the finances to allow buying a camper by now, plus of course, all full-year slots are now gone.

I wash with a sponge, only have the same clothes I wear (got extra socks and underwear), have a fully f*cked up foot due to this continued stress, preventing me from walking distances, so likewise can't go job seeking.

I'm out of ideas. In a week, I'll be on the streets again, or live in a tent. No way I'll be able to land a job under these conditions.
I can't even empty the attic room with my remaining belongings to get them sold, and I can't keep it there anyways, so I'll likely have to rent a car, go empty the room and drive past the music stores to get it sold at whichever low price offered.  If even they'll buy it..
What's not sold that same day will simply be offloaded to the reuse center, instruments, gear, tools and all else.

I'm close to simply give up. Any ideas are welcome...

Rants & Raves / Crazy times these days
« on: Time Format »
Sorry for my absence, but things has been, and still are, more than crazy.

Got my apartment sold, but lost almost all I own in the exodus.
When I got to the attic room I'd borrowed, it had been locked by a janitor, and were only opened one hour before I had to be out of the apartment.
The Realtor, on behalf of the buyer, called a moving biz, who cleaned my apartment; all went to the backyard, some got stolen, I managed to save instruments, gear and toolboxes, most all else went to a trash site.
I ended actually on the streets, had a couple of weeks with my mom, trying to figure out what to do next.
My mom is really a nice lady, but didn't allow me staying long enough to figure out a functional longer strategy.

With very small finances available, I wanted to buy a camper, but couldn't focus on the research due to mom's pressure.
So, instead, I ended up renting a transit cabin on a camping site for three month, to have time and cover for thinking.
I have the clothes I'm wearing + shaver and toothbrush. Oh, and extra socks and underthings, so no biggie :facepalm:

I needed to sell as much as possible, and two very nice Aussies who wanted to buy some unfortunately send the money faster than I was able to deliver.
My new wireless weren't functional right away, so I didn't know money had already entered.
Once situated in the transit hut, first my neck locked up and then a foot injury broke up, both because of all the stress.
I couldn't walk, hardly even do shopping, so couldn't go get my remaining few things, and get the parcel delivered.
I finally had to return the money, and still feel so bad for not being able to deliver.

Now, the above sounds trouble enough, but wait, worse is coming..
Meeting with my bank, looking like final arrangement to my residual debt, but oh no, they didn't tell me more was coming.
I now had 185.00 dkk in residual debt. Few weeks later, they added another 80.000.
They then rearranged it to 259.500 dkk at 10.65% over 21 years! And they'll score 373.000 dkk on compound interest.

I'm completely devastated. I've written a five-page complaint to the bank manager; results pending.
In the process of 1½ month foot injury, I likely lost the option to buy a decent camper, plus vacant slots almost gone.
Five more weeks in the hut; from there on, I haven't got a clue as to where to live.
Signing up for one of the Mars trips is starting to sound promising..

The above is really a mere condensate; the real horror story is much longer.

Sorry for not having more up-lifting news.
But wait!  While being locked-in to my 14 sqm hut, I virtually finished two 100-page books, and wrote 105 pages on another, plus 60 pages on a fourth. My English has vastly improved. At least it seems so.
Do forward me the address of a hungry publisher, if you please!

We've got free-wheeling rabbits here; very cute.  Someone f*cked for open windows, fun, like 102 dB (A-weighted) ;)
And my foot is finally almost in working, walking order.
So, I can now start looking for job. If salary could be enabled, living space can be acquired.
Trying to be pragmatically practical. Black humor is the rule of day.

"Making a comeback can be more difficult than the first time, when you only had to come"

A few notes on fixing and modding an old ADR Gemini Compact compressor/limiter.

Brief info
This is a dual channel device which can work either as a compressor or limiter, separately on each channel.
It's an old thingy; back then called a prosumer device. I have no specs on it, but can say it's completely quiet, at least in my own non-pro studio.
The two channels are fully separate, and as such can be used for independent processing of two separate signals.
A stereo link button, when activated, links the two sense circuits so both channels will 'do the same', thus making it a rue stereo device.
Both channels features selectable compress or limit, 1.5:1 or 3:1 compress/limit, slow/fast, input gain and release pots. The latter, when turned full down, clicks to Auto mode, where it'll sense/track dynamics as-it-comes from the source/instrument.
A common section has punch-in/out for each channel, and Stereo Link buttons.

As said, it's very quite - I can't hear a thing ;)
It does soft-knee compress/limiting to the point of being very little noticeable, as in hardly any pffhumps head when acting on level changes.
It is really neat for adding just density, rather than the harder breathing more direct compression.

PSU repair
Now, mine decided to go defunct. Turned out the four rectifier diodes were bust, same to the voltage regulator (78 type), and the larger capacitor seemed semi-shorted; at least I could hardly get any measurement on it using an RCL meter.
I replaced the four 4001 diodes with, IIRC, 4002 fast-recovery diodes, replaced the 7834 regulator, replaced the capacitor, and all was swell again.

Front pots mod
Two of the four front mounted potmeters, the ones for Input Gain, were mounted backwards, and must be operated with a screwdriver. This is to make sure the audio engineer, when reaching for the Release controls, doesn't by accident touch the delicate in/out balance during a performance.
This is rather useless in a studio setup, so I unsoldered the pots, carefully folded back the mount flanges on these non-standard potmeters, and re-soldered them back in, now facing forwards.
Careful when you bend those flanges back! They're made from soft metal, but still.. just do it gently and all will be well.
I didn't have suitable knobs to match the two originals, but found four large really old-school knobs ;)

Rear connector mod
Rear mounted in/out connections are via some rather crappy RCA/phono white-metal sockets, which hardly goes through the circuit board to ensure mechanical stability from just hte solder, and further, there's no relief to the bow, so when connecting, plugs must be carefully wiggled on to avoid breaking a solder joint.
Now, the good designers of the Gemini had of course laid out the board to accept circuit-mount jack sockets!  I replaced the RCA thingies with some jacks I had left over anyways.
Do notice that some jack sockets are a touch short on the flange to box distance. If so, do remember to add a thin washer, or you'll create mechanical tension when tightening the nuts.

Below some almost-self-explanatory pics.
The jacks.jpg shows one jack installed next to three RCA's still in place.
The pots.jpg shows two pots at slightly different angles reinstalled with corrected flanges.
Forgot to add circles around the components on the psu pic; oh well, use your berth-given hardware stereo-zoom..

So, having sold my apartment, today I signed the final deal in the bank, ending bad bad for me.
I've ended up with a residual depth I must pay off over the next ten years.
As such, this is bye bye to music and all else, and as such, everything I own must be sold before February 10th.

YOU can help me securing money for imminent survival by buying stuff on sale in the Classified Sections. Prices are asking; make offers..

Now, I do have internal resources available, but as indicated, my life will see a complete change.
At age 59, it's over with well-paid IT; however, I can do two things well: Write books and do photography.
I have four books in the works. One almost finished with some 10-15 pages to go, one 90 pages in, two more on the bench.
I used to be a free-lance photographer, and will take this up later, just won't have the money for new gear for some time.

Guys: Please spare me comment on not selling everything, and especially comments on gracious gods.

EDIT: Pics added of bass; guitars to follow in separate posts due to attachment limitations.. (cellphone quality, sorry)

Selling three instruments.  All must be sold within 12 days.
All located in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Will ship international.

Wolf semi-custom 7-string 35" bass in absolute pristine condition.
7-ply Canadian maple/rosewood through-body neck.
Body wings are 5-ply cocobolo/ash/rosewood.
Kent Armstrong pickups, Wilkinson tuners, ABM single string bridges.
EQ with low, high, semi-parametric mid with center and lift/cut. Volume, pickup blend. Switch for active or passive EQ. Switch for battery off.

Asking €325, $300 + shipping.

Schecter Riot 8 Limited Edition, 26.5" eight-stringer in pristine condition.
Groover tuners, Hipshot bridge, EMG 808 active pickups.
Tuners, knobs etc in Rodesium plating. All else in black - it's a metal axe..
Asking €425, $400 + shipping.
EDIT: Will allegedly be picked up this Tuesday

Vintage Reissued V6 Filmore strat in excellent condition.
It was made to mimic Hendrix playing left-handed on a righ-handed Strat.
Right handed body with lefthand neck, pickups with reverse staggered poles.
Body is American Alder, neck is Canadian Maple, rosewood board.
It's of course in classy Olympia White.
Wilkinson overwound classic 60's bright sound pickups, Wilkinson tuners and bridge.
Asking €250, $220 + shipping.
EDIT: I'm hesitant about selling this one; brakes temporarily activated..

In the past, I've mostly used LF 347 for multipole filters and stuff requiring several stages.
Old Depot discussions are gone, where we covered qualities of the various single, dual and quad opamps, like LF347, TL084, the Burr Brown's and the Analog Devices.

Now, I'm not really thinking about which is the best, but more about which are good candidates for which applications.

So, things like types of filters with how many +- dB, low-gain and unity gain buffers, hi-gain applications like with compressors and distortion stomps, needed open loop gain, stability and compensation needs, noise figures, ability to gracefully handle overload, how tone might be affected in good or less good ways, like JFET inputs, MOS types, bipolar designs..

I'll hit a few opamps and applications as I see it:

Signetics NE 5532/34's: Good for keeping clarity, when higher gains are needed without changing tone. Less of a 'guitar' tone, as those are quite transparent.
CA 30xx CMOS: Can add a touch of soft tone, useful for unity/low gain. Handles some overload gracefully. Not good for higher gain applications.
Various AD and Burr's featuring JFET inputs: Handles overload gracefully. Good for higher gain applications.
LF 347: An overall good workhorse. But is it good for demanding higher gains in complicated filters?
TL 084: Same as LF 347; tone seems a little different, but how to explain?
Old-school TL 54xx types: Not generally too interesting, but can have an interesting way of distorting when overloaded.

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