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Mint condition JVM205H 50W Head with foot switch, used only in smoke-free studio.  Asking $900.

I haven't touched these in a long while, so I figured they'd be better off in a new home:

ADA 2FX SN 312439 - $110 (no footswitch)
ADA Digitizer 4 Foot Controller SN DS10189, NOS in original shipping box - $90
ADA FS-2 Foot Switch SN FS20524, NOS in original shipping box - $45
ADA Microcab II SN UC014627963 - $160
ADA Microtube 200 refurbished, new tubes SN MT011736934 - $200 SOLD!
ADA MP-2 SN 502185942 - $300
ADA MXC Foot Controller SN DP011101942 - $100
ADA PitchTraq SN HIV40953 - $150
ADA Quad Switch SN DP10762941 - $30

All are in perfect working order.  Please PM me if you're interested.  Thanks!

It seems like hate is the in thing these days.  Imagine my surprise when I got this message after posting some of my Marshall amps for sale on Craigslist:

So,ummm,REALLY? Urr tryin' to sell all that Limey SHIT for that much when I've ALWAYS played Fender;s and SMOKE that Marshall SHIT!! Gimme a Twin-reverb with an extra 2-12 box and that DEFINED half-stack!!! Move back to England if ur that into Marshall!!! TURD!!!!

I can't believe Mr. Tom Eggleston actually took the time to write this email in response to my ad!  There are some sick puppies out there!  :crazy: :crazy: :crazy:

Discussions / R.I.P. Tom Petty
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Died of cardiac arrest this morning.

Discussions / I'm no longer watching the NFL
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MODS: this post is not meant to be political, rather a statement of patriotism.  If you disagree, feel free to remove it.

GB, while the post was "not meant to be political, rather a statement of patriotism", there are literally hundreds of other places where those kind of discussions and dialogs are allowed and encouraged.  You'll also more than likely find that those dialogs always turn to heated exchanges that only serve to further divide people.  As such, the Depot does not want to divide people over things that have nothing to do with the reason we are members here.

Check out this eBay listing:

Note the item is in China......

Does that look like a fake listing to you?  I suspect we should report it.

And here she is in her final glory: my first Nexus guitar!

Featuring a Gotoh Wilkinson tremolo bridge and Schaller strap locks. The tremolo cover is from AllParts and allows access to the 9V battery that is used to power the XR Active Volume and Resonant Filter controls.

This is a dual purpose guitar: the 1/4" output allows one to plug into any guitar amp and enjoy the SSS XR Flex pickups. Plug in the Nexus cable and breakout box to take advantage of the Nu Multi 6 - separate string and XR Flex audio in 7 channels along with Roland 13-pin compatibility (thanks to Synth-Linx's excellent product) with Synth Volume (wired as a Blend with Guitar Volume) and Guitar/Synth Mix CVs (permanently set to 1.04V for "mix"). Nirvana!

The finished product!

Another view in sun light.  The top layer is Walnut.

The back side.  One piece Swamp Ash.

Fitting the Nu Breakout Board.  This is the hub for all audio and CV signals.

Fitting the Lemo-compatible 19-pin connector.  Very compact, only slightly larger than a 1/4" jack.

The heart of the matter: the wired pickguard.  The bridge pickup is a combined hexaphonic low-impedance Nu Multi and a humbucking XR Flex Dual.

Notice the solderless connections.

A home-made tone shaping circuit was added to the middle XR pickup just for fun.

The middle pickup tone potentiometer is accessed through this hole in the pickguard.

Pick guard will all connections.  Note the flat conductor cables used for the hexaphonic pickup.

Test fitting the wired pick guard.  More flat cable connections used between the 19-pin connector and the Breakout Board.

The body undergoing Tru-Oil finishing.

Look at those Swamp Ash patterns!

The neck is Canary - very dense and smooth, needs no finish at all!

Schaller locking tuners.  Note the beautiful patterns in the Canary wood.

Fender LSR Roller Nut on Rosewood fingerboard.

Note how I cleverly matched up the grain on the Swamp Ash Body with the Canary neck.  Really?  Purely accidental!

All four woods in perfect harmony!

A closer view of the Wilkinson tremolo.  I put these in all my Strat builds, highly recommended!

Front panel of the Nexus breakout box.  The 19-pin input connection is on the left, the Synth-Linx 13-pin output is on the right, carrying the 6 string signals, XR output, synth volume, and mix CV.

The Nexus box is highly configurable and hackable.  All key signals are available on headers.

The back panel of Nexus has 1/4" TRS jacks that are configurable, as well as MIDI output.  Power is supplied to the guitar via the 19-pin cable.

Block diagram of the Nexus box.  The mixer allows for routing of signals to stereo outputs.  The MIDI module can be programmed to any CV to MIDI command conversion.

How does it work?  In one word: fantastic!  The sound of the "normal" XR pickups is very clear and bright, with wide frequency response, making it easy to dial in any tone you want.  The Resonant Filter is insanely good - one can control both frequency and Q, very much like a synth.  Think Stratocaster single coil on steroids, but can dial in Tele and LP sounds as well.  The Nu Multi by itself also sounds fantastic, very close to the XR sound.  Not at all like the typical hex pickups from Roland, Fishman, or Antares; no, like a real pickup!  It could easily be used as both the main guitar pickup and the hexaphonic synth driver.

Huge thanks to Joel De Guzman and Mark Bellarmino from Cycfi Research for their assistance with this build.  Superb customer support!

I will build you one if interested - PM me for details.

Guitars / Antares Auto Tune Guitar Build
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I used a Warmoth roasted Swamp Ash body with Maple neck. The installation was tricky - don't attempt this unless you have some luthier and woodworking skills!
I still have to work out the power source; my original plan to use the Fishman Fluence battery failed, so I need to add a battery box instead. Otherwise, it works fine; it's nice to have the two encoders on the guitar so I don't have to mess with fret control!

A Warmoth Roasted Swamp Ash body. Tape marks for pick guard edge

Cavity routed for ATG DSP board

It fits!

Application of conductive paint to all cavities

Ready for electronics

Marking and installing hex pickup

Test fitting finished pick guard, Wilkinson tremolo, and output jack

Hole for 8-pin MIDI jack

Test fitting MIDI jack

Test fitting Fishman Fluence battery pack (this is before I concluded that it could not supply enough current for the ATG)

After True-Oil finish. MIDI wiring and batter cable are installed

Output and 8-pin MIDI jacks installed

Pick guard and DSP board wired up and ready! Note the single wire connectors

The big moment - will it all fit right?

It was tight, but everything fit

Battery connection and ground in the tremolo cavity

Warmoth Birdseye Maple neck attached. All hardware is black!

Tuner double pin holes drilled using StewMac template tool

Schaller M6 locking tuners installed

Love these tuners!

Top of the neck showing Birdseye Maple fingerboard

Close-up of controls. Note the two encoders between volume (top) and tone (bottom). I designed custom dials for each encoder

Sounds great!  The two encoders greatly improve on the AT-200.

Guitars / My latest build
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Figured Walnut top on Swamp Ash body with Birdseye Maple neck, finished in True Oil (no colorings or stain).

Birdseye Maple pick guard, Walnut pickup covers, and Zebrawood knobs, Gold hardware throughout. Sperzel locking tuners.

Di Marzio Area pickups with push/pull phase switch under second tone control. Angelic sound. Build time about 40 hours.

I came across this item for sale on eBay today:

I must admit I didn't even know these existed!   :amaze:

Other MIDI Footswiches / KMI Softstep 2
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Pitch for Keith McMillen Softstep 2:

Absolutely fantastic!  A lightweight, technologically advanced MIDI foot controller that can do just about anything you want.

Think of it as an MXC on steroids, but infinitely easier to program using a PC/Mac editor.

Effects / My latest pedalboard
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I recently completed a new pedalboard for all my non-synth effects.  The signal chain is as follows:

Guitar > Empress Buffer + > Bonamassa Cry Baby > Bonamassa Fuzz Face > Timmy OD > Mayflower OD > Empress Phaser > Modfactor > Hardwire Supernatural.  A TC Polytune is connected to the Buffer +.

The expression pedal on the left controls the Modfactor.  A Midisolutions Quadra (underneath) splits the incoming MIDI (from a KMI Softstep 2) into 4, controlling the Phaser, Modfactor, Voodoo Labs Hex (underneath), and Payne Labs K-Switch.

The chain has several outputs: Part A just after the Phaser (mono) and Part B after the Supernatural (stereo).  There's also a Part B input (mono) into chain before the Modfactor.

Every pedal is switched using a MIDI-controlled audio switcher - a combination of Voodoo Labs Hex and Payne Labs K-Switch.  By using dedicated MIDI channels, both pedal in/out and effects presets are controlled where possible.  All pedals are on full time and there's no need to touch any of the switches - the Softstep controls all configurations as well as individual pedals through CC commands.  For example I can bypass the Buffer + when using the Cry Baby to get that magic interaction with the guitar pickups.

The whole thing is powered by a Voodoo Lab Mondo isolated power supply.  Only one AC cord is used!

The platform is a Chemistry Design Werks Holeyboard.  I used 3M SJ3560 dual-lock fasteners (instead of the cable ties they recommend) to attach the pedals.  Mogami 2319 cable and Switchcraft connectors were used; all cables were custom cut and soldered.  Overall weight is about 30 lbs.

How's this idea:

Can we get our members to submit dry guitar tracks (preferably in .wav format) and have these available on the Forum for download (maybe in a sub-forum, Dante?) so we can use them for comparison testing?  It would be really cool to use these to evaluate new settings or new devices such as the APP-1.  I'm thinking of 30-60 sec clips.

I'm sure we can get a good variety of playing styles from our group!

Discussions / ADA Definition Clean Boost
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Has anyone tried or heard the new Definition Clean Boost yet?  It looks intriguing with 16dB!  That should send my Marshalls reeling!  :banana:

Tell us why!

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