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Okay, I have the Viper, I love the Viper, I want to control the beast that is the Viper. Gotta make a footswitch

Now, I can solder all day, and I can drill a hole in a box. Hell, I can even turn a wrench to tighten up a nut and figure out how to make a couple foot switches taller than the ones in front of them with extra nuts. Yeah, I guess you could say I mechanickel. That said, I cannot figure out a schematic to save my life.

So, how's about you big-brain types hook a brother up with a parts list to order from your preferred electronics supply store so I can get busy wit dis?

Heeeeere's the schematic, for your reference.

Troubleshooting Problems / Got noise???
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I have been pretty spoiled for a very long time with very reliable ADA gear. I have (thankfully) not had to deal with noise problems in my rig.... until lately.

Because of being so spoiled, I'm a total NOOB at diagnosing such things. Here's my story, hopefully it will help others avoid my mistakes.

One night at a gig:
My pedal board goes black. No power, then it's back and the midi pedal shows 01, meaning it just started back up. Unfortunately, I'm playing patches in bank 8, so I have to scroll up while playing a song and singing. Then, it does it again. Shit. This had nothing to do with noise...yet.

Next gig:
Noise. As soon as we hook up, I have a big ol' hum sound. On a clean patch, with no gain  ???   I blamed the venue, which has terrible power sources and way too many neon lights plugged into the same outlets the band uses. Then, I started fiddling with my patch cables. When I rotated the one going into my tuner, the noise stopped. I could rotate it different directions in jack to change the noise. I replaced that cable. And another, and then all of them. Noise gone...for now.

Next practice:
Noise is not there, practice goes off very well. It looks like my problem is solved...until the gig. The noise is back - even with the pedal board disconnected - and I fear my MP-2 is dead, so it goes into storage until I can deal with it. I scramble for some sort of replacement to get me through gigs temporarily. I bought a Behringer V-amp Pro and it got me by. It's not great, but it worked for a couple gigs and now I have a solid state backup with a bank of usable patches. I also bought a Tech 21 Fly Rig RK5 (Ritchie Kotzen edition) for a backup. It's awesome. I will keep this forever.

Next Gig:
The Behringer is working out, but the noise suddenly rears it's ugly head and the MCX midi pedal begins losing power intermittently again. WTF??? The next day, at home, I figure it has to be the tuner pedal, which supplies power to anything else on the board. It's a Boss TU-2 and it's pretty beat up, so I buy a Snark pedal tuner and toss the Boss. Then, I finally figured out the cause of the noise... a universal power supply. Shitty, cheap, available at any giant electronics store, with a switch for the polarity and a switch for voltage, and absolutely not good for your guitar rig. Take my word for it.

I bought a One-spot and my noise problems are solved.

FFWD to about 3 months later..... I have purchased way too much gear to replace the MP-2, and I have butchered my MP-1 Classic trying to install the noise mod parts myself (I'm way out of my league there). My Classic is due for some noise mods, I had noise without the pedal board (or a guitar) connected to it. So, with my tail between my legs, I send my Classic to a good friend who will attempt to undo the tragedy I've created and I buy a good soldering station to fix my MP-2 myself.

I pull the MP-2 out of storage, take out the rack screws, and flip the rack over to unplug all the cables etc. and open her up. In the rack, plugged into the phantom power jack of the MP-2, is a SHITTY UNIVERSAL POWER SUPPLY. I forgot all about that. I have ONE original ADA power supply and it's on my pedal board now, regardless of what rig I plug into. I'm not using the phantom power option at all.

I reconnected the MP-2 this morning and it is noise free. It sounds SofaKing AWESOME. Now, I have a pile of gear to unload & I'll probably post some of it on here as a digital garage sale. Like I said, I'll keep the Fly Rig, and probably the Digitech 2112, but I have an extra 2112 (parts), a Peavey Tube FEX, that Behringer, and a tube combo that I don't need. Gotta get rid of some stuff now. I'm such an idiot, that was an expensive lesson.

Combo Amps / NGD: Super Clean VIPER!!
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Kim already knows about this, but I just landed a VIPER on Reverb and it looks REALLY clean. Can't wait till I git 'er

Here's a clip from a recent show, only about 15 people in the club at the time (it was early)...This is my (formerly) Classic Rock band, On The Fly (website link)

this is the Digitech 2112 (with the 2120 upgrade chip) making this noise, I'm the one making the mistakes ;)

Rig breakdown: Ibanez AM75 (c. 1986) into a Boss V-wah, into a Snark pedal tooner, into the Digitech 2112. That is running stereo into; Cindy and Marsha. Cindy is the ADA MicroFET into my Thiele cabinet loaded with an EV Force speaker. Marsha is just a Marshall Master Lead Combo (SS combo amp, pretty much flat EQ'd).

MB-1 / Re: Use of ADA gear by Primus
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Didn't Les Claypool used an (modified) MP-2?

I don't know what Les used later on, but I can confirm he used an MP-1 during the Frizzle Fry tour. He and Larry LerLonde used MC-1 footswitches at the time, I don't thing the MPC was even out yet, let alone the MP-2.

Fun Fact: I was using an old Boss ME-5 (the first multi effect from Boss) through two half stacks when my band opened for Primus on that Frizzle Fry tour. They are the reason I started using ADA gear in the first place. Seriously. I wondered what kind of sorcery was behind this simple footswitch and wire apparatus they had onstage and just had to investigate. Been down that rabbit hole ever since.

Cool thing about playing with them was that we got to meet/hang out with the fellas, great bunch of guys. Very humble and fun, and yes...funny. Funny looking, funny sounding, funny personalities - we seemed to get along well, our band was full of geeky guys like them. nerdy musicians rule \m/

Rack Gear / Digitech 2112
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Well lookie what showed up on Craigslist last night... a Digitech 2112 for $140  :thumb-up:

It's beat up, and dirty, but I plugged it in and all the lights came on. I hooked it up and it sounded awful....totally choked signal, barely audible. Then I realized, the input and output knobs were turned nearly all the way down  :facepalm:  So, I turned up the output and GREAT GOogLY MOoGLY, it was loud.  :o

I went through all the presets and found the ones I need to start with. There is some issue with one of the FX or a setting or whatever, but it results in an oscillating sound when you're not playing...YUK. It's not on all the patches, just a few, so if I can just avoid that effect, I'm good. There are tubes glowing in there, but I have no idea what they are or how old they must be.

I haven't even cracked the manual open yet, so I have yet to figure out if I can use my Quad switch with the SOLO button on this thing. Hopefully, I can. If not, I'll hook my GX-700 to it and use that.

It's 90s bliss, and a nice upgrade from the Behringer. Although, I am hanging on to the Behringer for emergencies. Once I clean up the 2112, I'll send some pix and sound clips.

Effects / NGD! Tech 21 Fly Rig RK5
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There I was, sitting on a bit of gig money....needing a new guitar wireless....when I stumbled across a Tech 21 Fly Rig RK5. I couldn't help it, I pulled the trigger. Just got it late last night and only played it for a few minutes. It's a pretty cool lil' unit. I'm going to be playing it exclusively this weekend to really put it through the ringer.

Photos and sound clips to come, please stay tooned

My MXC power supply was acting up and I figured out it's the adapter jack in the pedal itself. It's loose, so that if I step on the pedal just right, it cycles the power and sends me back to patch 01...which is silent.....grrr

I tried re-flowing the solder on that piece, but its still acting up. I think the little plastic receptacle is just worn and 'stretched out'

I guess I'll be replacing that part, but for now, where do these two washers go? They were on the 1/4" jacks, but there are four jacks and only two washers....which two get them? CC Pedal 1&2 or Switch 1&2?  :dunno:

Rack Gear / Peavey TubeFEX
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Since we got off topic about my Behringer preamp that I picked up for emergency purposes, I thought i'd start a new thread about this unit. I also have the proprietary foot controller, which is connected with an 8 pin midi cable for phantom power. You can use a 5-pin, but you'll have to power the pedal board with a wall wart, just like the ADA footswitches.

I just went through the presets in this thing and now realize two things:
  • The harmonizer was a new effect when this came out, and was used a bit too much
  • My memory serves me well = this thing is a beast, and a damn good standalone unit (preamp and effects)

The skinny: This unit has two tubes, much like the ADA units. It has four knobs for controlling your tone on the fly (very cool). It has a cache card, that I have not explored yet, but I'm told it is handy. I haven't figured out how to save/move patches around yet, but that's next on my list. Right now, I'm just enjoying diddling the knobs on patches as I scroll through.

The footswitch is gigantic, and sturdy. Built like a tank, and heavy. If it were a couple inches narrower, it'd fit into a rack (but it's about 2 rack units tall).

Here's a pic of the unit, paired only with an ADA MicroFET amp. Pay no attention to the 4u rack on the floor, that's my main rig (with the Behringer) until I get my ADA preamps fixed. I have not been happy with the MicroFET, but it appears to be good enough for the Peavey. I've also attached the manual, to explain what this thing does

Rack Gear / Behringer V-Amp Pro rackmount
« on: Time Format »
I'm not proud of this, but i had to do what I had to do. Both my main preamp and my backup are fubar right now, so I had to get something to hold me over until I get them in shape. I found a Behringer V-amp Pro on Craigslist for the price of a stompbox ($60), so I pulled the trigger. All I need are a few basic tones, I can get by with a minimal number of patches.

By itself, the Behringer is not fantastic. The MicroTube 200 helps a great deal. Together, I managed to get 5 good tones to get me through any gig - I may have to adjust the overall volume on a guitar-by-guitar basis, but that's it. I have:

10 = Clean/dry tone
11 = Clean/wet tone
12 = Classic Rock (brown) tone
13 = Modern Rock tone
14 = Dirty solo with some delay
Heel switch in my Wah pedal is a clean boost = clean solos with patches 10 or 11

Can't wait to get my shit fixed

Amps / Trusty ol' Crate Powerblock
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Well, it finally happened. My worst fear.

My entire rig went down before soundcheck. All I had to play the entire 4-hour gig was my trusty ol' Crate Powerblock, a Tube Screamer and my wah. That's IT. No other tones, really just using the Tube Screamer as a solo boost.

Did the entire gig. Used picking dynamics & the volume knob to adjust my tone, but it wasn't great tone. It was passable, at best.

Not sure what happened to my MP-2. When I got to the gig, there was an awful hum & all the LED meter lights were solid. I shut it off, turned it back on, and got nothing. NOTHING. No sound at all  :dunno: This morning, it worked fine.

Gigs - Live Talk / NGD! Presonus 16.4.2 Mixer
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Hi Guys,

I recently joined up with a bunch of friends who needed a guitar player. It's not my first choice of material (Classic Rock) but they are a great bunch of guys, so I agreed. Their sound system is crap, and they don't even use a soundman  :facepalm:

So, my first order of business (besides learning all this old material on the setlist) is to upgrade the band's sound. I took a major step forward by purchasing a badass mixer from another friend (good to have friends ;) ) for a very cheap price. The Presonus 16.4.2 is the same mixer my last cover band used, and I really loved it. Why? Because you can control it with an iPad once you have all the parts in place. This allows the soundman to walk around the room & adjust your mix.

Since I have the older model, not the AI version, I need to supply my own Wifi router to get the iPad to see it. I can piggyback off the wifi connection in the venue, or use my phone as a hotspot, but I'm going to get a dedicated router for this rig eventually. Also, I need a computer hooked up to run the software, so I'll be buying a cheap used Macbook for that later. Right now, I have my MacBook Pro (my main computer) hooked up to try it out and I'm using my home router to connect the iPad.

I must say, the iPad is easier to operate than the mixer itself - lol! Here's a pic of the mixer, my laptop, and my iPad all synced up.

What's next? Well, after getting a dedicated laptop and router, I'll be picking up some IEMs. With a little app, you can control your own mix in your headphones (I like to turn my guitar and vox up louder than everyone else in my IEMs). Each AUX gets it's own mix, so everybody in the band gets what they want.


Note: the way to post a YouTube video instead of a link is pretty simple. There are certain shortcodes you can type to activate things on the Depot. Here, a "tag" is used to open and close a YouTube link to show the video. These tags trigger a little bit of code to perform certain operations, like playing the video.

Opening tags have brackets around them like this [tag]. Closing tag also have brackets, but have a slash in front of the tag, making it a closing tag, like this [/tag]. In this case, the tag is youtube.

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Hi Guys,

I'm not totally sure what's goin on, but my rig sounded very bass-heavy at last nights' gig. I want to crank it to gig levels here at home later today to see if it's an issue of volume changing the eq a bit...that ol' Bedroom Volume vs. Live Volume discussion again.

I kept gradually turning up my presence on the MT200 until it was at about 3:00 by the end of the gig. I don't like to make rash adjustments during gigs, too many variables at play, so I go conservative on things like that. I even checked the guitar's mic mix on the mixing board – it was flat and dry, just the way I like. I pumped up the hi-mids a bit to get the mix better in the PA, but the bass was definitely still there onstage. While I liked the bottom end, it wasn't my tone, and it bugged me.

Maybe it was that room, I have not played there with this (4x12 H&K) speaker cab before. Next time, I'll try my 1x12 at that venue, just to see. Our next gig is at a tiny pub, so I'll be using the 1x12 anyway, but....different room.

Discussions / YOU are a MF'ing ROCK STAR
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Just to be clear, it doesn't really matter what other people think of you/your playing/your band/your music, etc. What really matters is that YOU believe you're a rock star. Because you are.

Perception is reality my friends, and if you think you're a rock star, YOU. ARE.  :headbanger:

Rock on with your bad selves, keep living the dream, and spread the knowledge

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