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Let us never forget our beloved founder - RIP Jurrie, we all miss you very much

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Update on the Intellipitch, perhaps I was a little tooooooooooooooooo quick to write this thing off!

Ok it's awesome.  And i'm sorry to say it is better than the IPS33.

I have to say this though, the IPS33 is better than the 33B which has a lot more processing power and better features and controls.  However the IPS33B cannot track for shit!  The only time it can track distorted guitar is when it is in "chord" tracking mode.  But guess what?  Chord tracking mode is not available with all harmonist modes, so it's available in Chromatic, but not Scalic!!!!!!!  WTF!!

I don't give a  :poop: what I have read, the IPS33B is not better than the IPS33, not if it can't track properly.  It can in chromatic, but in scalic even with "distortion" tracking setting on it falls down badly.  It can't just about handle anything played on the unwound e b and g strings but as soon as you go lower on the bass strings it warbles like a sonic turd!

The Intellipitch....................flawless tracking!!!!  Raises pitch with bends no problem, sounds great, plays along with you as fast as you play.  Great unit.  I'll be hanging onto it.

I have to also say the Boss SX700 has a harmonizer on it also.  It sounds nearly as good, obviously less advanced, not sure it does scales, and just has chromatic, but it tracks as good ad the Rocktron.

Troubleshooting Problems / Re: Got noise???
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I'm using something similar to that, Gerry.  Even got it from the same place!  lol

Donner Power Supply

This is for my stompbox pedalboard btw and has been working flawlessly for that.  I still have the shit power supply in the rack for Phantom Power which I will replace, but in a pinch I could just run a lead from this pedalboard supply over to my MidiBuddy too.

That's looks like a decent power block also Dante.  I might have to weigh up some comparisons.  Most of the pedals I'll need powered are the bog standard 9v type however I have a few 12v requirements and my Hush IICX.  Cannot remember though if the hush runs from an AC power supply same as my rockman EQ.

On the noise front, currenly I have a few 9v adapters powering individual items such as my Nobels mini mixer (great device BTW), my EPSI speaker sim (which is a digital speaker cab sim using impulses) which is a stomp box design and then a few things like OD pedals and EQ pedals that I use for boosts.  So I turned everything on the other day and I heard some crappy noise I never heard before.  Started checking all the cables etc and then I realised when I touched the mini ixer the noise went away.  I was scrathcing my head though as to why the noise was hear today but wasn't their previous?????????????????

Well turned out it was nothing to worry about.  One of the 9V adapters, I literally moved the wire running from it to a different position and the noise was gone.  Don't really know why, but I know it's gone, funnily enough the same adapter powering the mini mixer.

Troubleshooting Problems / Re: Got noise???
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It's weird but I know what you mean about power supplies.  A few months ago our bassist's gear was giving him shit and I said wtf man!!  Treat your gear a bit better, you've got a noise issue from not looking after your stuff good.  Anyways didn't take to long for me to trck down his issue, but it was a generic cheapo 9v pedal adapter he was using.  I swapped it over to one of mine that I have lying about (it aint an expensive fancy one either) and the noise was gone, so that's how we discovered his power adapter was the issue.  How it went bad?  Who knows.

Anyways, since I moved over to new studio setup at home, I am running a few things using the adapters.  Currently I have separate units powering each device (my new miniature mixer Richard).  These plug into UK plug to IEC14 adapters that allow me to run them off my furman.  However in future I am looking at this to power multiple and only need one power supply.

Discussions / R.I.P Eddie Clarke
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It is beyond a joke now, but...........

R.I.P Eddie Clarke,  massive impact on my life and influence over everything I do in my band.  I really wanted you to live on since we have also lost Philthy Animal and Lemmy and you were our only link to the classic Motorhead line up.

R.I.P man very sad that you are no longer with us!   :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

Gigs - Live Talk / Re: Your worst gig
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Hahaha great story man.  I have worst gigs, many of them.  However what annoys me is some of these gigs end up the crowd loving it and people saying it was really good and yet I fell like I played so shit!  That for me is hard to deal with.
Anyways one story back in our early years was when we were playing some show, our first show out of Belfast I believe and we were promised backline to use which was cool as we could never have gotten all our gear to the gig in the first place.  So we show up and the organization of the event is terrible.  First off no one is there really other than other bands, second, the back line we were promised was grossly under equipped for us.  Anyways, we started playing as we were the first band on that night, and about 4-5 songs in some guy walks in, and right the way up to where we were playing, and begins switching all the gear off, lifting it down and taking it out the side door.  We were getting ready to have a fight when someone stepped over and said "that's that guy's gear and he wasn't asked permission for anyone else to use it".  So the show ended early and the gear was takin out of the room, the so called promoter hid in a corner somewhere and didn't give us an explanation and basically the whole thing was a joke.  That being said, that fateful night we were the only band who got to play so we stole the show I guess  :lol:

Rants & Raves / Re: 2018 pretty cool so far.
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While the States are a much bigger country than say Ireland, there's still the trend of people wanting Mainstream Metal.  The Metal you play and the Metal I play seemed to have gone back underground.  Maybe it's a Generation thing.  The 20-somethings think of 5FDP and the like whenever someone says "Metal".
It's what's played on the radio and it's what draws the fans of that age.   Nobody "gets" your band unless they're already familiar with and like bands such as Judas Priest and other NWOBHM.  Nobody "gets" my band unless they are already familiar with and like bands such as Black Sabbath and Candlemass.  You and I don't sound like 5FDP and we don't want to because you and I play by our own rules and have to work harder to get a following....from the Underground back up.

It was like that very much here, but we stuck it out, and I honestly think we heped turn the tied.  Younger headbangers, younger than me (hit 35 on Sunday) from late teens to late 20's are getting into their proper metal now.  Some shows we play in Ireland, we have kids wearing gear like you see the kids wearing in the Judas Priest Hot Rocking video!!!  So this is cool.  The mentality still exists however on familiarity.  But we built that familiarity up ourselves so that's what sticking to our guns has done for us.  The scene is far from perfect though.  Too much shit still listened to.

I notice England seems to still be infected by that nu-metal era style crap in some areas, which is weird.  Its like a time warp lol and not a good one.  We do ok over there and are building a rep but some places we walk into and their is f**king limp bizkit playing.  Other places will be Iron Maiden or Judas Priest.  Seems to be pockets of trad and then other pockets of Nu (this is my blanket term for everything shit after grundge  :lol:)

Our last drummer also kept trying to push covers.  (Guess where he is now....)  lol
I could do one or two, but am very picky about which ones to do and I'd rather not anyway. 

We would knock out the odd cover if we felt we needed to fill the set back in the day but that's it.  Here are the songs my band has covered in total through ten years of playing live!!!  You will notice these are generally not the typical songs to cover except for the Priest songs!!!

Motorhead - Heart of Stone
Motorhead - Poison
Motorhead - Die you Bastard (this was done at our single launch and a tribute to Lemmy who had just died at the time)
Judas Priest - Metal Gods
Judas Priest - Breaking the law
Accept - Midnight Highway (only in rehearsal room)

Effects / Re: Digitech tech
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Ok I did not get a Y cable yet, but I hooked it up like so.

Guitar > Boost > MP1 > Rockman EQ > Roctron Hush > IPS IN > IPS OUT L             > Nobels Mini Mixer L         >
                                                                                   > IPS OUT R             > Nobels Mini Mixer R        >  Mini Mixer Stereo out
                                                                                   > IPS Unshifted Out   > Nobels Mini Mixer Centre >

When I sort out the Y cable I will then be able to forget about the unshifted output of the IPS and take my dry signal direct out of the hush, meaning I can turn on/off the IPS seperately if and when I need it.

Rants & Raves / Re: 2018 pretty cool so far.
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No.1 It gets worse if you're doing original music. 
No.2 Then a bit worse after that if you're doing original music that isn't the trend. 
No.3 Now a touch worse if it's original Metal music that doesn't sound like Slayer, Slipknot, Trivium, Avenged Sevenfold or some brutal Death Metal. 

The good players want to do covers only, and the trendy covers at that because apparently "there's money in it".  No soul or real satisfaction but they might get some pocket money.

Musician:  Someone who loads $5,000 worth of gear into a $500 car to drive 150 miles for $50.   

^ The struggle is real.   :facepalm:   You just don't realize how much money is invested with the thought going in that "I'm not in it for the money".   

I numbered some of those points as they are exactly my reality also.  Weird in the U.S you have the same issues in your huge country as I do in my tiny country!

I wouldn't say all good players are doing covers in Ireland, but I will say that the money is in doing covers and for me I could never do a cover band, never.  I never covered peoples songs when I started out and I don't do it now.  A guy in my work is always going on about me doing covers and I'm like "man I aint doin covers, it's not the same as creating your own music, not even close".

The bit about realizing the amount of money you put into the band, well yes I have started to realise and I have also been struggling with continuing as I need a better job and sometimes I'm thinking perhaps I need to quit all this band shit and put my efforts into getting a better job and sorting my life out for the future.  Kind of a heart breaking situation as our touring committments are getting drawn up for the new year and I'm thinking "I need a better job or I will end up f*cked when I have to retire".

Thankfully I do not meet the definition of

Musician:  Someone who loads $5,000 worth of gear into a $500 car to drive 150 miles for $50.   

A lot of the time house gear/band gear is shared in Europe.  So a band travels from say America to Ireland, well the local support will bring bass cabs and guitar cabs and drums.  Each band on the bill supplying one or all of those things.  The down side is, you never know what kind of stuff you are getting.  I turned up to England having been told gear will be provided only to find nothing had been sorted and I had to ask bands on the bill to let me use their cabs!!  This was the promotters fault since they did a piss poor job of arranging things.

Rants & Raves / Re: 2018 pretty cool so far.
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don't f~~kin start me on drummers.  Played last night and our guy played the set much to slow.  Of course this f~~ks me up as I'm looking to bring it to the crowd and there we are playing like we're 65!  Kills me.  Makes me hate our shows when the drummer is just unable to know what speed a f~~kin song goes.  I haven't enjoyed a gig we have played since August at our launch show.  He doesn't practice, and has no real love of drumming so go figure why there are always problems with him.  Why don't se get rid?  Because where I live is bad enough to get replacements, and no one would ever want to play in a band doing what we do because it's not the trend so we're stuck with it!  I nearly quit after the London show as well because of it, we were dreadful and again it's me worrying about drums makes me make mistakes and then it's all just shit!  Our manager then said to me after I said "I can't do this anymore"..........................."this is your only shot, do you want to give that up?  Everything you've been working toward these last few years will be wasted if you stop now".

So go figure why I chose to stay.

I'll give that a read, seems very in depth.  I've done all that kind of experimenting before though.

It really will depend on your guitar and pickups to begin with though.  Like a Les Paul is going to have more lo frequencies than a strat for example.

I personally use 4  2x12" cabs loaded with Celestion vintage 30s and Eminence cv-75s.

At gigs sometimes I end up using cabs that have been supplied and it's usually 2 4x12" cabs.  What speakers are in them generally will be a mystery to me.  I guess it's common for me to be playing through Marshall 1960's but it they can be anything really.

i find always cutting some bass before hitting preamp gives a more clear distortion. i have my bass at least 6 on MP1. what are your settings and speakers? i never had the muddy problem but lacking low end punch because of how the mp1 was voiced.

Well that all depends on guitars and pickups really on whether you have to do that or not.  If I add a boost from my GT5 it does exactly what you describe hence the thinning as it's become bias to mid and hi frequencies.  Personally though I've never cut bass from a guitar going into an amp.

I can't remember the last live patch I used on my MP1.  In the studio its at usually at zero or around 2 or something like that. 
Here is one patch I've been using in the studio for months and not strayed much from:  (posted earlier on this thread actually)

Boosted by GT5 OD

OD1 4.2
OD2 7
Bass 2
Mid 6
Treble 0
Presence 6

Systematic Chaos is another person on here I remember saying he needs to cut a lot of the bass on the MP1.  Can't remember where that post is though.  I'll have a look.

Any suggestions/tips for replacing the front output pot?

yeah, any pot will do that is 50k.  MJMP give me this one.  see attached

I did the rear input mod on my first MP1 (it sounded like  :poop: that thing so it's as well I sold it  :thumb-up:).

I replaced the front input with a switchcraft knock off guitar input, wired it to the board then ran wires to the back input.  The front one was switching so it would shut off the rear anytime a jack was plugged into the front.

Here is a guide which might help, it looks different from the guide I followed to be honest,  looks more in detail

MJMP can tell you the exact stuff you need.

Funny my stock MP1 input is still alive and kicking lol crazy.

This mod influenced my to do my own mod on my Boss GT5 and replace a shit microphonic inut with a sturdy cliff socket.  It didn't fit to the pcb so you flip it round and have the tabs in the air and solder wires to them accordingly to the pcb itself, just like the input mod.

i use the palisades for all my tube amps. that pedal is never leaving my board.

Not pedal guy   :lol:

I use more mids than anyone I know so I'm with you there.  MJMP has heard it live so he can vouch.  It's good as it means you can hear all my mistakes  :facepalm:

I don't normally have to cut any bass or low end, I find I generally need to bump the lo end up with my Rockmasters anyway.  With the MP1 live though, I remember having to cut it at least down to -2, as it had more than enough going through my poweramp and cabs and just sounded muddy if I didn't.  I must test drive it again live and see where I am at.  It's mainly been a studio thing for me for the last few years.

Yes the GT5 I used the amp modeler with analogue drive module before a pre amp for a long time.  It sounded good.  I mean I got away with it  :)

Now I use the exact same but in the loop I have a preamp.  The drive section and possibly some other elements (the wha) at the front end are analogue.  It's the exact same with the Boss GX700 (the rack version with probably a little more in depth FX features).  The only OD I was ale to use however as a boost in front of MP1 was the Vintage Overdrive.  The EQ in front works also.  It's great as what ever you put in the loop you can move about in an assignable FX chain.

I didn't mean it that way that a boost wasn't so important, I just couldnt part with that much cash for a single pedal.  Particularly when you can get something just as a good for a lot cheaper.
It's the same with guitars.  There are so many good options now days that it's not necessary for me anyways.

You're a bit screwed now ( joking  :thumb-up:) then since you don't need a boost what with that Marshall 9000, you gonna sell that pallisades?

Interesting you said the SD-1 thinned out the tone.  This was exactly like picking an overdrive on my Boss GT5 and boosting the MP1 in the FX loop.  The GT5 is an all analogue drive section.  The over drive I used was called Vintage Over Drive.  Not exactly sure what model of boss over drive it was supposed to be.  To compensate however I used the EQ to add a little more bottom end back in again.  I recorded half my albums guitars using this set up (and I might be going back to it as an FX unit has not worked out for me).

I'm not a pedal guy so to speak, I consider pedal guys guy's with board with about 4-10 pedals on there into an amp, but live I use a Boss GT5 and whichever preamp I'm in the mood for in the loop.  In studio it was the same until recently but now I might have to swap it all back again to the GT5.

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