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Board added for "ADA Cab Sims" in Other ADA Gear (coz El asked for it LOL)

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Original MP-1 / Re: I just got a MP-1!!
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Welcome to the forum!

Hi rnolan,
           That's a very interesting solution. Thanks for mentioning it, I'll have to think about it for a while.   

To be honest I don't know what I'll team with what.................... I have way more preamps than power amps..........

First thought (before I had the MP-1) was to pair the Hafler T3 into the ART Multiverb 3 the Peavey Classic 60/60 and the second rig would be the Quadaverb GT or ART SGX-2000 express or
Carvin SX-15 preamp into the Marshall 8008 BUT now with the MP-1 in the mix I'll WILL use th eMP-1 as my main preamp regardless of which power amp.

By the way; I talked to a friend who works on computers and he had an old PC that he gave me today, I promptly de-soldered the battery holder (CR2032) as well as de-soldered the factory MP-1 battery and put the holder in it's new home,,,,,, works perfectly. I even reused the battery from the computer, for now at least. Already powered her up, loaded the factory presets, turned it off and back on and it holds the presets like a champ. NOT planning on any Mods for a while since I've never had a MP-1 before. I want to get to know her before I start changing anything about her.     ;)   

     Thanks for the reply. We'll see, I don't know if I'll get to use the MP-1 at Church or not BUT at this point I'm so glad to finally have one I'm not very concerned with it being used at Church or not. I just want to use it, and my music room will be an awesome start. I'm going to experiment with using it with my Marshall 8008 and Peavey 60/60 Classic........... at least as soon as I get my speaker cabs built.  :-\   

 :banana-rock: :banana-rock: :banana-rock: :banana-rock: :banana-rock: :banana-rock:
My MP-1 LIVES ! !  I tried reloading the Factory Presets as per MJMP and the 29 Factory Presets showed up like they are supposed to!!!! Sooo, now to get the battery holder and a new battery installed.   

Hey Crabs, cool, the MP1 is very versatile so I'm sure will suit your needs  :thumb-up:

I think it will, a good friend of mine had an MP-1 in the 90's and I loved it. He had it running through an effects processor (don't remember the brand/model), then Mesa Boogie power amp (again don't remember the model) and a pair of the ADA 2-12 speaker cabs. Sounded great!!!!

Fact is that all my "rack rear", really ALL my gear except for my Pod 2.0 only gets played at home in the "Music room" because at church we have to go "direct to the board".  :-\ 

BTW the MT200 MJMP is offering you is US 110v model, just the ticket for a nice ADA MP1 rack.

I hadn't realized MJMP had offered me one until seeing your post mentioning it here. I have since emailed him about it. Thanks!  :thumb-up:

Anyways, yeah, I have a Hafler T3 preamp and I was wondering' , IF I ever need tech "Help" with it can I get it here? I'm betting the answer is gonna be "yes" but wanted to ask so I'd know ahead of time. :lol:............

Also, for anyone here who has a "Hafler T3" what has been your experience with it?

What power amp/FXs/cabs do you run with it? 

Thanks !!  :thumb-up:

B200s / Re: I miss my B200s
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I just saw this and have emailed him about the MT200

 "What sort of music do you play ?"

Sorry, forgot to answer that one,,,,,,,,,, I play Modern Praise & Worship Music.

Of course a few old classic rock/blues type stuff comes out every now and then. :)

Fender Princeton Chorus Combo
Tech 21 Trademark 30 Combo
Peavey Classic 50 4x10 combo

Rack gear in addition to the MP-1:
Quadaverb GT
Hafler T-3
ART Multiverb 3
ART SGX-2000 express
Carvin SX-15 preamp

2 power conditioners
1 rack tuner

Power Amps,
Marshall Valvestate 8008
Peavey Classic 60/60   

Solid Body Guitars:
Fender American Deluxe Fat Strat "locking"
G&L Asat Custom semi hollow
Gretsch BST-1500
Parts Strat (my #1)
Carvin AE-185
Carvin Bolt
Carvin SC-90
Agile AL-3100
Agile AL-3100 P90
Agile AL-2000 P90 Gold Top
Agile 3110se.

Carvin Cobalt 980 Acoustic/Electric
Carvin AC-375 Acoustic/Electric 

Washburn Flint Hill SC

You might notice I didn't list any Speaker Cabs, that's because I have none. Not yet anyway, I do have 8-12" speakers that I plan to install into 4 - over-sized 2x12 cabs I plan to build later this year. They will be much like Marshall 1936 cabs

Thanks for the welcomes guys!  :thumb-up:

Here at last, here at last, thank God almighty they're here at last !

My MP-1 and MC-1  :banana-rock:

We will help to get it up and running  :thumb-up:

I'm depending on it!  ;)

Original MP-1 / ART X-15 with a MP-1?
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Ok so, I have an ADA MP-1 (my very first) on the way and it comes with the MC-1 BUT I Have an ART X-15 already and the X-15 is the ART foot controller that has an expression pedal. Anyone ever tried a ART X-15 with a MP-1?

B200s / Re: I miss my B200s
« on: Time Format »
Shoot, I'd LOVE to have a working Microtube 200 OR B200s either one!  :thumb-up:

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