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Temp "Time Format" issue Fix in Discussions

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UPDATE: I have tried all other combinations with the little switches in the Quad switch to change the buttons from latching to momentary. The only combination that works with the Viper is the 2&4 set to toggle (1&3 set to momentary). BTW: I took my Quad switch apart to peek inside...There is a big ol' PCB inside the Quad switch and it's about as big as the housing...yer not gonna put that in a smaller pedal housing.

I already bought a Quad switch on Reverb. When it gets here, I will desolder buttons 1&2 and put tape over the holes, leaving me with a 2-button switch in a big housing. So what, it works. I've been jamming all evening and it works like a charm! Who knew?

It's actually better than a 4-button switch, because A) it takes up less space on a pedal board, and B) it's way more efficient using two buttons instead of four.

I set my amp boost to be a 'slight' volume boost and use my Nova System's boost for big solos. Great to have a couple options.

You guys are not going to believe this...but... you can use a regular ADA Quad switch as a pedal for this amp!!!!

Just for shits and giggles, I plugged my Quad switch into the amp. It was set on toggle, not momentary, and the four switches were changing channels. However, they would also automatically turn on the boost. With some trial & error, I figured out that if you set switches 1&3 to momentary, and 2&4 to toggle, you can switch channels with Button 2 and turn the boost on/off with Button 4. HOW FRICKEN COOL IS THAT?

Now, I'll buy another Quad switch and rip out the innards to put it into a 2-button housing I already have.

Like this?

They come in RED and GREEN, how cool would that be?

I swear, I feel like the only guy in the world with a Viper that doesn't have a footswitch.  :-\

Thanks guys, that diagram looks simple enough. So, any particular switches I should use?

I will find the resistors and switches on and see if I picked the right things before I buy


UPDATE: Can I use something like this?

Try a process of elimination. Use a different power amp, see if it still happens. Then, try running direct, it could be between the Stage outs and not the Recording outs. I'm sure others will chime in here to try other things. See if you can isolate the root of the problem (preamp, or cord, or power amp, or whatever). I just wanna make sure it is actually the PREAMP that's the problem

I feared the worst for my preamp and my problem was in the shitty power supply in my rack for the phantom power in my pedal

Combo Amps / Re: NGD: Super Clean VIPER!!
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Ah...Relays, impulses...totally makes sense. So, I'll buy a box of impulses, relay them into the back of the amp, and Voila! Magic ensues.

I knew I was making that too easy. Thanks man

Guitars / Re: Arrogantia guitars
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That's a fine looking guitar. How's that neck heel feel when you're accessing the upper frets? I like the look of it, but I am wondering about that lump of wood there. I have another guitar like that and it really stretches my thumb!

Beautiful guitar, just a work of art.

Okay, I have the Viper, I love the Viper, I want to control the beast that is the Viper. Gotta make a footswitch

Now, I can solder all day, and I can drill a hole in a box. Hell, I can even turn a wrench to tighten up a nut and figure out how to make a couple foot switches taller than the ones in front of them with extra nuts. Yeah, I guess you could say I mechanickel. That said, I cannot figure out a schematic to save my life.

So, how's about you big-brain types hook a brother up with a parts list to order from your preferred electronics supply store so I can get busy wit dis?

Heeeeere's the schematic, for your reference.

I would have loved to chat up Larry one-on-one about his time and gear he used when he was in Possessed.  Seems like he doesn't want people to know he was in a Death Metal band before, even if it was one of the best early-genre ones.   ::)

Ler was definitely socially challenged at the time, but we all were, we were kids. There was a serious PUNK/FUNK movement going on in Northern California at that time (late 80s, early 90s) spawning Primus, Faith No More, Fishbone, Mr. Bungle, and more....all of us riding on the coat tails of 'white boy rap' from the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Beastie Boys meets local favorites Metallica. Seriously, we had our own niche at the time. I was part of it, in a project called "Go figure..."

I am still in contact with everyone from that band, we are all brothers in music. I have gotten together a couple times with the drummer (my old roommate) to play music with some brothers from another band. If it wasn't for musicians, I would have no friends. haha

Combo Amps / Re: NGD: Super Clean VIPER!!
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If my thinking is correct ( and that would be a big surprise right there ) Couldn't you access pretty much ANY switch inside the amp if you hard wired it to some sort of jack and then connect a cord to a foot switch?

If so, you could us a mic cable (XLR), a midi cable, or just about any cannon plug full of wires. Of course, this involves modifying your amp with a jack/plug/hole in the chassis. So, there's that to think about. But, it would be cool to have a little 4x4 footswitch to control 4 voices on the amp and another one to select your favorite 4 cab sims. Just be a couple pedals on the board, would do so much for versatility during a gig. You may be able to get this done with one Midi cable and a 6 or 8 button pedal....or a couple TRS cables and stereo plugs....or a couple XLR (mic) cables.

Combo Amps / Re: NGD: Super Clean VIPER!!
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Um...I have the schematics in front of me, and I admit, I have no idea how to read them, but....are there Eproms on this thing? I see them in your pix  :???:

Combo Amps / Re: NGD: Super Clean VIPER!!
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so the voicings are Clean and Lead - I concur, that pair works great. I can also get by with the Grind

The emulation on mine is 2x10 Dark (wait ten minutes, it'll probably change )

That happens to me when I start editing a patch in my FX device, without saving it, then I switch patches with my foot pedal  (changing the preamp patch) without realizing that my FX unit is still on the last patch. That makes my EQ and Volume settings all wonky.

Could that be it? Did you start to edit a patch in another piece of gear and leave it on the wrong setting?

Combo Amps / Re: NGD: Super Clean VIPER!!
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Thanks MJMP, I have that schematic and intend on building that switch. I'm also noodling around in my brain that there should be a way to craft a switch to access the other voicings in the Red channel....much later on, after I do some research. It seems like it's possible, given that they are just switches inside the amp, I just need to activate them outside the amp, so I'd probably rig up a midi cable to run the switches and hardwire a plug in the amp.  :dunno:  I don't know if that's even possible, but what if?

Tomy: My Green channel is a bit brighter, but our Red channels are very close. Can't quite make out which voicing you're using (them buttons are hard to see :) )

BTW: Manners will get you very far. Thank you  :waving-banana-smiley-emoticon:

Combo Amps / Re: NGD: Super Clean VIPER!!
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The Viper arrived at work today and I couldn't wait for quitting time to get home and try her out. Within minutes of arriving at home, i had a beer popped and the Viper plugged in  :thumb-up:

First impressions: Love the clean. Love the Lead. Love the Crunch...wait, I can get that crunch using the Brown - awesome! Very versatile, sounds big and boomy like my ol' Mesa Boogie DC-5 in the Grind with the emulation on, but I don't have to fiddle with the knobs to get a good sound. It sounds good FLAT LINED on the EQ. Love that. The boost is crazy loud, the Lead channel has more gain than a 3tm (I have no way of confirming this), and it's WAY lighter than my ol' Boogie. Basically, I got my Boogie back, with a MUCH easier EQ to dial in.

Love. It. Already.

I will be noodling all night with this thing, and I'll record a sound clip for y'all.

Hooked up the Nova System, and it sounds amazing. I'm really only using the Reverb and the Grind voicing. Clean is also very nice, almost as warm as the MP-2, warmer than the MP-1 Classic for sure...probably warmer than the stock MP-1 too. Not sure what's going on in there, but yeah, it is a nice clean. Not crazy about the reverb, so I'm using my Nova for that.

Ideally, I'd like a footswitch that could access all the voicings, I don't care about the boost, I have that in the Nova System.

These are the options:

Green Channel
Clean (very clean, very warm)
Crunch (gets great overdrive, goes all the way to hot rodded plexi)

Red Channel
Vintage (more to come)
Brown (more to come, but I can easily capture the Crunch tone with this voicing)
Grind  (HOT Marshall sound - speaker emulation can get you to Boogie realm)
Lead (from MP-1 to 3TM)

That would be a 6 button switch, but i could totally get along with a 5-button and just use the Clean Green and all the RED voicings. That's the ideal foot switch. Here are my settings (right now):

Drive = 5
Bass = 3
Mid = 5.5
Treb = 6
Master = 4

Red (Grind)
Drive = 7
Bass = 5
Mid = 3
Treb = 6
Master = 2

No boost, no Reverb (Nova system does this)

Gate = 7.5
Presence = 6.5

Varicab = 2x10 / Dark
Thump = 5
Hi-Cut = 8

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