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Board added for "ADA Cab Sims" in Other ADA Gear (coz El asked for it LOL)

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Guitars / Re: Dead spots
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that's funny - my $350 Epiphone has a Seymour Duncan JB in it and it sounds AMAZING

Great guitar - Epi Vee Korina edition, 1959 reissue. Get one if you see one.


Better to have somebody do that for ya - it's a big step, get somebody who has done it a million times. Can't wait to hear how that turns out.

Discussions / Re: Guitar Playing Fatigue
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I used to keep my action a bit higher than normal because of my inherit "heavy-handness" but I've been gradually adjusting it down lower over the last year or so.  Now it has that "butter" feel which I am appreciating more and so I've been making a conscious effort to play with a lighter touch and some more finesse.  I find that when my fingers start to fatigue, it's mostly because I'm squeezing too hard so I remember to lighten up some.

Man this is where I am at!  I think my action is higher than many others.  I cannot tolerate buzz.  But it's brutal on your hands and I obviously cannot handle it very well hence the fatigue issues I get.

I can't control the f**king power when I'm playing live, too much nervous energy.  Also I fear sustain death if I don't strike the string hard enough.  So I tend to have slightly higher action than most metal players anyway.  I have often wondered over the years though if this has actually hindered my progression as well???????  Probably.

So tell me how you strike big power chords lightly?  And how much rattle is too much rattle?  When do you know it's too low, too high, just the right amount and how much power you can use?

 :lol: :lol:

I love you Gerry, you kill me. I too keep my action kinda high and keep running into other guys that say I run "big" strings (.010 on the bottom). Whatever, I still have a couple guitars that play like BUTTER and some that don't. The higher action makes you stronger, but never overdo it...take a break if you're sore, don't try to power through muscle strain. I only practice with the guitars that have the BIG action and gig with the ones that play like butter. It works for me. I try to keep the action as low as I can, but I just settle with the buzz being gone and deal with what I got.

Now, as to your picking attack (aka, how hard you bang the f***king strings), I like a low gain tone that will get dirty with 'pressure' of banging the f**k out of the strangs. I use medium-to-high gain pickups and turn the gain on my rig as low as I can stand it. You'd be surprised how good you sound when you pick softly on a 'gainy' patch without all that volume-knob fiddling around, and how little gain you really need to sound awesome.

This works for me, your mileage may vary (YMMV). Of course, I am in perfect physical shape...round is a shape  :wave:


Thanks for the tip  :thumb-up:

I certainly agree that the rack gear was the pinnacle of guitar rigs, but hey...who ya askin? Keep the secret, let them tap dance all dang night to shut off the solo boost at the same time as the delay/chorus/octaver - haha. We will continue to push ONE button and run. Oh, and WELCOME TO THE DEPOT!

Our rigs are not that should bring your Viper to run with that Nova System ;)

Discussions / Re: YOU are a MF'ing ROCK STAR
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Introduce Yourself / Re: I'm Back!
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Welcome back Orkun, good to have you back in here.

You have new goals on the horizon (guitars, songwriting) which are all good signs that you are on the mend. Great to hear buddy, I have also struggled with depression, it can be difficult. That said, keep your chin up, every day is a bit easier than the one before. Oh...and if you feel sad, it's okay, but just tell yourself you don't have to....and then feel happy. Nothing kills sad like happy.

Go shred kid, you deserve it.

Guitars / Re: Arrogantia guitars
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NOICE. I was lookin' at those GT-1 pedals just before I found my Nova. Was the gain from the Blackstar or the pedal? Sounds like it was from the which case, that didn't suck at all.

Looks SWEET!

Lemme know how you like that bridge PU. I swear by the GFS Alnico 2 Vintage II for a neck PU, a very cheap alternative for the Seymour Duncan Jazz.

Thanks Dante!

I really like the GFS Alnico Fat Pat in the neck. It's real 'woody'. Gots dat bluesy woo-doodly thick sound. Very Les Paulish. I don't know if you're getting me but it's exactly what I expected. Hit it with some serious gain and it goes for days. Clean it up and its full with punchy lows, clear mids, and nice round highs.

Funny, I think I know exactly that tone you speak cheap-ass Epiphone Vee is a 'Korina model' and it has that 'woody' tone. I put a Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge (a moderate gain PU) and that guitar just has that 'woody' tone. I get compliments on that tone all the time - never my playing...just the tone. My SOLID Korina Explorer is the only other guitar that has that's got Gibson PAFs (also kinda low gain Pus). I love that low gain/medium gain pickup sound. You can get them plenty dirty and they clean up NICE.

Discussions / Re: General EQ Question
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To add: This is a rough description of my 3 main tones I use...

I boost the mids for clean tones, and for those Classic Rock tones that use very little gain. Just a bit of overdrive (a la Malcolm Young)

I boost the lows, lightly scoop the mids, and keep the highs flat for a more 'modern' Rock tone (a la Foo Fighters)

I turn the lows to 11, scoop the mids to the Earth's core, and boost the highs a bit for that \m/ METAL tone (a la anything in the devil's tuning - drop D - which includes a LOT of those 'new country' songs played by Hollywood musicians who moved to Nashville to make a buck - but I digress)

Discussions / Re: General EQ Question
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^^ gotta agree with both of them ^^

I generally use 80-160 Hz for a bass/low-mid adjustment (width of 0.7-1.0), somewhere around 400-800 Hz for mids (width of 0.0), and 220 Mhz for highs (width of 0.5 to 1.5). I spike each one very narrow at first, until I find the freq I like. Then, if one sounds like it needs more in the mix, I widen that spike until it sounds full. I usually go a bit beyond where it sounds good, and then roll it back to the sweet spot. Just my technique, YMMV.

The spike isolates the freq you are looking for - good or bad - then, you boost/cut as you like. Widening the freq makes it stronger in the mix...for lack of a better description. It's tricky at first, but you'll get it with enough practice. Some gear is 'tuned' a bit different, so the freqs could vary a bit from these actual numbers, TRUST YOUR EARS.

Amps / Re: NAD: Peavey JSX
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i hate it - knokitoff wit all that math

Thanks so much, it works WAY better than my old one  :thumb-up:

Amps / Re: NAD: Peavey JSX
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DAYUMMM, that is a nice rig. What're you gonna do with that? You already have your rack rig ;)

Looks SWEET!

Lemme know how you like that bridge PU. I swear by the GFS Alnico 2 Vintage II for a neck PU, a very cheap alternative for the Seymour Duncan Jazz.

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