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Scheshevski Newbie

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Helsinki, Finland
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"Well, I don't know - wh-wh-... what're the hours?"

- Piece o shit modified Harley Benton w/ Tiger paint, Shaller whammy, Dimarzio Tone something and scalloped fretboard.
- Warmoth soloist w/ walnut body and ebony neck, reverse head stock and Dimarzio Air something n/b humbuckers.
- Warmoth VIP w/ blue transparent finish and n/b Duncan humbuckers.
- Warmoth YJM strat w/ 22 frets
- Warmoth Strat w/ Screamin Demon and Cool Rail
- Tokai Les Paul made in Japan w/ Duncan Full Shred and 59.
- Squier strat made in Japan w/ Duncan 59 in the bridge
- Piece o shit black strat w/ hot rails

- ADA MP-1 Stock
- ADA MP-1 Stock
- ADA MP-1 3TM
- ADA MP-1 Classic
- Marshall JMP-1 w/ Folkesson mod
- Mesa 20/20 power amp
- Marshall MG 10

1x12 Mesa Thiele
1x12 Mesa Thiele

- TC G-Major
- Alesis Midiverb 4
- Digitech RP 500

Floor board;
Piece o shit FCB1010 that is used for changing midi channels only, because, well you know if you ever tried one :-)

Tuning Eb, strings 9-46, picks 1,5mm Dunlops

And then a bunch of stuff like Eq, Hush, BBE, distortion pedals and such. I have a Precision copy and a Warwick combo but usually don't play bass, Shure/Sennheiser mics for backup vocals.