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Board added for "ADA Cab Sims" in Other ADA Gear (coz El asked for it LOL)

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Rack Gear / Re: Digitech GSP21 Legend
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The idea with the MP-1 loop is to keep it at unity gain, what goes in volts wise is what come out volts wise (albeit augmented sonically by whatever is in the loop).  You don't want to add or take away level but also the device in the loop needs to be driven with a good amount of signal (so you don't add noise).  So set the GS21 input about half way, turn the MP-1 loop knob so you get good signal but not clipping (red) on the GSP probably have the MP-1 loop knob about the middle  :dunno: , turn the GSP input up or down until you get good input signal, then adjust the GSP output so there is no volume difference when the loop is on or off.
It's trial and error until you get it right and remember as you increase the MP-1 loop send, you are turning down it's return (dual ganged opposing pot) and visa versa.
You also have to remember that the send level is affected by how "hot" the patch is, so set the loop and GSP input output levels using your loudest patch.  If the GSP input leds have the occasional red flicker that's ok on you hotest/loudest patch, the GSP will have a little headroom above what the clip light is set to activate at.

Troubleshooting Problems / Re: Got noise???
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Hey Dante, great trouble shooting tip (for us all to take note of)  :thumb-up: , and it's the one component I have never considered, thinking the phantom power wall warts are reliable etc.  So when diagnosing a noise issue, start just using the ADA unit with no foot pedal and add it in later. After reading this post, I realised I need to test a noise issue I've been getting recently without the foot pedal as I can't work out what else it is  :facepalm: , I was putting it down to slightly crappy power or my refrigerator cutting in, but lately I've been getting a whole bunch of noise when not playing which I'd never had before, and hand on string reduces but it's still there.  I'm away in Greece at the moment for funeral stuff etc but I'll test this when I get back in a week or so and report.

Cool, a fellow member to the rescue  :thumb-up: , the worst thing about the FCB1010 is it's size, the MXC is a nice small footprint.. hope you guys get the deal done and you are both US based so postage shouldn't be stupid (like it is to and from Australia, you'd think we were on Mars (well maybe we are  :wave: :green-banana-smiley-emoticon: :metal: ))

Gigs - Live Talk / Re: Your worst gig
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Well over the years I've had a number of gigs where various things have gone sideways  :facepalm: , hard to call any of them worst  :dunno: but here's a few incidents from over the years (not in any particular order):
The bass (which I'd built for a friend) had the peg head snap because it was lent against the amp the wrong way and took a hit, so had to do the rest of the gig with no bass, and then I performed my first (IIRC) peg head repair, solid as a rock after that..

Playing away (fortunately running in stereo with 2 amps with my new stereo chorus pedal) and the drummer is making eyes and twitching his head toward my amp(s), finally looked around to see a cloud of smoke coming from my Marshall 1972/3 50, blew the output trany  :facepalm: , so finished the night through the Roland Cube I'd purloined as a 2nd amp

Raging into a solo and the strap lets go and my Anderson hits the deck, lands on the jack, makes a great bang, bends the jack etc.  The crowd loved it so I picked up my spare to finish the night and bounced it off the stage a few times, they went more wild..  I didn't mind mashing my spare a bit, it's my 3rd ever guitar (very early 70's MIJ Anson strat copy) which I've highly modified over the years, but the Anderson  :facepalm: . The jack plate on the Anderson has never been quite the same..

We're playing support for the Angels, our drummer decided to smoke cones with their roadies and is off his scon, he totally lost it in one song and the bass player stood next to him yelling 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.  Though overall was a great gig

Other guitarist is in a really shit mood, his pedal board/collection didn't work right so he looses it and kicks it off the stage.  So the bass player takes him away to chill out while I sort it out and get it all working for him, after the gig we're loading out and he's still really angry (I think with his wife, she was our main singer) so he drop kicks a small road case (a wooden one) and it breaks his toe and it misses my head by inches.  I still have the case but it's not in great shape...

We are playing in the main road/shops pubs etc (back of a truck) of a country town for their cherry picking festival, the sound and lighting guys are driving the hired PA/truck.  They drink a case of (Australian) beer (24 cans) on the way, so are maggoted when they get there, so I have to set the PA up as the sound guy was off with the fairies, other band members helped with the lights (I don't like working on lights, they are hot, sharp, often dirty and dangerous), but the gig went surprisingly well and the organisers gave us a box of cherries and a tour of a cherry farm.

First gig with my brand new MP-2 and it just dies in sound check  :facepalm: .  Luckily I'd sold my MP-1 to MikeB and he was at the gig and lived very close, he raced home and got it for me so I could do the gig, the shop replaced the MP-2 for another new unit which is still in my live rig.

Playing on generator power, middle of solos (seems to be when it happens most) my MP-2 goes loopy, display is all hieroglyphics, can't change programs, sounds shit and the only fix is to power cycle it. So now I use a UPS whenever there is a generator involved.

Combo Amps / Re: NGD: Super Clean VIPER!!
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 :whoohoo!: :thumb-up:

Rack Gear / Re: Digitech GSP21 Legend
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I don't know much about the GSP21 except for a quick glance at the manual.  Seems it's a mono in, stereo out device so the best way to use it would be with a small stereo mixer and feed it from one FX/Aux send and bring the stereo returns into 2 channels panned hard left/right (and the MP1 A/B outs into 2 channels sending both to the GSP21 on the FX/aux send), mix that together (GSP full wet) and then into stereo power amp into 2 cabs.
Alternately you could use it in the MP-1 loop but it would be mono and you'd have to balance the wet/dry mix via the GSP's wet/dry mix knob. This would be mono and not sound as good as using a mixer.  If you are not running your MP-1 in stereo then you are seriously missing out on it's full potential. Also the reverb etc fx in the GSP will sound much better in stereo.
The overloading is most probably because you haven't got the gain structure (GSP input output levels right).  It will probably be capable of taking a line level signal (around 1 volt) or an instrument level (millivolts) signal on its input.  MP-1 out is line level, the MP-1 loop can be adjusted from instrument level to line level and then fine tuned with the GSP input and output levels.

Rants & Raves / Re: 2018 pretty cool so far.
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Hey Kim, good to have you back on board, I'm currently in moving mode and not enjoying it at all.  Tomorrow I have to get ruthless and throw a bunch of stuff in the garbage skip I hired, I've been here 10 years and the garage is full of stuff I haven't even looked at in all that time.  Top it off it will be 38 deg C (~ 100 deg F) tomorrow... And worse I haven't found a place to move to yet  :facepalm:

Fingers crossed the new drummer works out  :whoohoo!:

Salient point Kim and a little recalcitrant of me not to mention it earlier  :facepalm: , I though everyone could tell from my accent LoL

And I have become a bit of a hoarder I spose  :dunno: but I only have 2 x MXC/CCP/Quad Switch packs, one for studio rig and one lives in the live rig lead bag.

Sometimes you can get the MXC pedal pack with a MP-2 purchase, I think (IIRC) my last MP-2 purchase was primarily because I wanted a spare pedal pack for the studio rig.  It was/is a US MP-2 which sounds very sweet (they all sound a bit different) but obviously I have to use a step down tranny to use it  :facepalm: .

It will be more than $100 AUD for shipping, you can probably buy a FCB1010 for not much more than that.

Effects / Re: Digitech tech
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Easy to make one.  Use a guitar cable, cut it n half (so now you have 2 jack to bare end).  Twist the 2 actives together and the shields together and solder to a new jack.  As mike said, you need to have a decent amount of the inner cable and shield poking out so it can go into the rear of the jack as the jack will just have room for one cable

Yes it's the FCB1010 with 2 expression pedals. Trouble will be shipping cost  :facepalm:

Effects / Re: Digitech tech
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Bummer you get the difference with 50% wet  :facepalm: ..  I always ran 100% wet so I'd never noticed the issue.  I still recon the Y lead option would work for you

So MP-1 send > eq > hush > Y lead > MP-1 return/IPS in > MP-1 A/B > mixer, IPS A/B > mixer

And then you don't need a loop pedal

Effects / Re: Digitech tech
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However,  I could stick the EQ and HUSH in the loop, then send MP1 Out A to the Mixer, then send MP1 Out B to the IPS, and then the IPS to the mixer.  Is that an option or have I over looked something here?
This would work but you would still have an issue in bypass as it will increase the MP1 B compared to the wet outs.  It shouldn't be giving you such a big difference though  :dunno: but I've never run mine like this.

You could just make a Y split lead to split the hush out to go to MP-1 return and IPS in.

Have a read of the MB-1 manual, it has a couple of different operating modes (may be the issue ?), it also has 256 user presets (why you'd need that many  :dunno: ) and the MC1 of course only addresses 1 - 128.

The MP-2 opens up a bunch of possibilities, like wah, tremolo, etc as well as the 10 voices.  When I tested it I turned the wah on, interesting sounds.

Discussions / Happy New Year
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Hey everyone, happy new year  :banana-trip: .  And a big thank you to all here who contribute to keep this site the great place it is  :wave:

Cheers R  :metal: :headbanger:

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