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Temp "Time Format" issue Fix in Discussions

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Rants & Raves / Warrel Dane
« on: Time Format »
Just heard that Warrel Dane died of a heart attack.

All Things Tube / New toy in my shop.
« on: Time Format »
Well I finally finished my tubetester/ tracer. Made a frontpanel for it and build into a carrying case. The tracer itself is a kit (pcb and parts) I bought from a really smart guy in the Netherlands and he did a wonder full job in creating this tester. You just need to hook it up to computer with a serial port (although I use a serial to USB converter). I just added an external power supply (goes from 1.25V to 27V) for the heaters because the internal one can only supply 1.5A. Also added  hardwired sockets to test ECC83,EL84 EL34 type of tubes tubes and then some extra tube sockets (UX4,UX5,mini7, rimlock, magnoval, noval, octal ) for other tubes. These can be connected however I want with wires and 4mm banana connectors. Each pin is wired to the female banana connectors and the cathode, heaters, grids and anode are connected to the other row of female connectors, this I can route all possibility's. I'm also making a second case with more not so common tube sockets, just in case I should need it.

This tester can do some simple testing like mu, gm, RA and Ia so you can see how healthy it still is but it can also do some tracing so you can compare it to a datasheet. It can do 10 different sorts of tracing. Also if you have a dual triode like the ECC83 you can trace them both at once, so need to do one half first and then the other half, great for comparing both triodes. It can also do power tubes and rectifiers. Even magic eyes with a small modification.

I LOVE IT!!!!  ;D

Discussions / Todd Langner death
« on: Time Format »
I got a mail from a guy called Stewart to inform us that Todd Langner died on June 2, 2016.This is really sad news. For me Todd was one of the best amp mod guys.

He also contributed to the making of the MP-1.So we have to thank him for that great sound he gave us !!!

MP-1 Classic / cleans MP-1 classic vs MP-2
« on: Time Format »
For the moment I'm using the MP-2 for cleans only but the downside of the MP-2 is that it generates to much heat in my rack.I also have a classic and I was thinking of maybe swapping the mp-2 with the classic for cleans.

So my question for all the classic/mp-2 users, which preamp has the best clean sound in your opinion?

Guitars / favorite guitar
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Most people here have more then 1 guitar but what if you had to get rid of all your guitar and you just could keep one, which one would you keep?

In my case it would be my USA KV-2 Jackson.

Can't you use the vol pedal with the MB-1 too? I thought you could.

Original MP-1 / Dating an MP-1
« on: Time Format »
Well today I was fixing an MP-1 and I don't know why I didn't think of this before but there's a way to use the date codes on the IC's to get a pretty accurate reading when you're MP-1 or any other device was made.
Most manufacturers put date codes on their IC's. If you find the youngest date and add a month or 2 you'll be in the ballpark of the manufacturing date.Now some use obscure date codes some use the plain codes.

For instance on the Z80 cpu for example you can read 9306 which means it's made in 1993 6th week.

ADA Effects / Other ADA gear you own
« on: Time Format »
Like it says what other ADA gear do you own besides preamps,midi pedals and power amps?

I know Harley had racks filled with ADA delays

So Mp1 and Mp1 classic have a serial loop either.. So why they have a different behaviour?

That's a good question.Don't really know,haven't compared them.But the circuits are a bit different,2 major differences are the mp-1 uses a dual gang pot so you have more level settings while the classic only has 2 fixed level settings.

And the switching is done with CD4053 mux/demux and the classic uses 2 fet's.

This was a question of a forum member but i thought i also put it on line as general information.

The first ADA flangers used a SAD1024 BBD chip,later models used the MN3010.Early ones also use a µa(LM)723 voltage regulator while the newer models used a LM7815.But they both work on +15V (did the calculation of the 723).The max input voltage of the 723 is 40V and the 7815 35V.Both need at least 3V difference between the input and output.Since they output 15V you need minimum 18V at the input.Actually 18.7V to be correct since there's a diode in series with the input.
I don't recommend using 35 of 40 V input voltages best is to use 18.5 to 24Vdc.You can also use a 15 to 18Vac adapter but here it would be best to change the input capacitor to 1000µF/35V.

Most of the later model flangers used a build in transformer so there's no need for an adapter.

Guitars / Tonewood
« on: Time Format »
I came across some discussions about guitar woods.Some say that tonewood really affects your sound and some say you can use any wood,you won't hear the difference.Just take a look at it on youtube.

So what do you guys think about this?Could turn out to be a nice discussion  ::)

Original MP-1 / MP-1 tone section
« on: Time Format »
What do you guys think of the MP-1 tonesection?What can be changed,what freq's do you like?I was maybe thinking of doing some mods on the tone section.Like the bass really could use some tuning.

So let's hear it !

Rants & Raves / Bar's Open!
« on: Time Format »
Well actually i have a few in the fridge,let's say tomorrow at 19h00 at my place?  ::)

Guitars / NGD
« on: Time Format »
Just picked up a second hand Jackson Kelly KE-2.Amazing guitar,this is my 3th USA jackson,also have a KV-2 (flying V) and a SL-1 (super strat)but the KE-2 is the best,it has a SD TB-4 and a SH-2.I installed 2 push-pull pots so i can coil tap them.This is a really interesting mod to do,sounds really nice for clean sounds.First i was thinking of replacing the SD's with EMG's but i'm gonna stick with the SD's for once  :lol:

Also Hilko (a guitarbuilder from Belgium) is making me a Michael Schenker flying V,the old Gibson model,not the Dean.Mahogany body and neck,ebony fretboard,medium high fretwire,mortise & tenon neck joint,block inlay,dual action trussrod,schaller locking tuners,gotoh 510 tailpiece,SD SH-5 bridge PU and SD SH-1n neck PU with push-pull pots.This all in the famous Schenker black and white color with a nitrocellulose lacquer.
I hope to get it by the end of the month.I'll post some pics as soon as i have it.

Recording - Studio Talk / Home studio
« on: Time Format »
So i'm starting this topic to find out what you guys use for recording at home (or some other place).

What hardware (soundcards,mics,computer,monitors),software (OS,DAW,plugins etc..)

And... don't forget a picture(s) tells more then a 1000 words.

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