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The long plate Mullard is a bit more 3D than the short plate and really articulate (nice) low end.  Careful though, the long plates are so subtle they track every little pressure change in your fretting  >:D . They are very articulate tubes.

Hey RG, initially I used the IPS33 dist loop as it made sense.  I ran like that for quite a while.  Then I got over having to plug the guitar into the back of the rack (as I didn't run anything in front of the MP1). I ran the IPS33 input off send 3 of my desk so I tried it direct to the input rather than the dist loop return and it worked just as well without stuffing around and meant I could plug the guitar direct into the MP1 (later MP2) in front.  Also I sent both ADA channels to send 3 ie IPS33 in (send 1 & 2 are L/R to Quadverb), IPS33 1 & 2 outs to 2 channels, also sent to Quadverb.  I didn't notice any tracking degradation not using the dist loop so stayed like that.

Discussions / Re: R.I.P Malcome Young
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RIP Malcolm  :facepalm: :'(

Hey Herby, can you post some pictures of the IC socket from top and bottom of PCB, if the pads (I assume you mean by solder grommets) are lifted, you may need to run a couple of wires but MJMP will need to see whats happened.

Hey bunkyloo, welcome to the depot  :wave: , I just replied to you other post re pitchtraq.  So, give us some details about what's wrong/needs fixing and we'll help as much s we can  :thumb-up:
So you have MP1 to fix,post questions in MP1 section,
MP2 to fix, post questions in MP2 section.
As for the pitchtraq, provide as much detail as you can (context) to help us narrow it down..

Discussions / Re: noisy pitchtraq
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Hey bunkyloo, what MP2 part are you waiting for?, January is a way a way..

Some context around the pitchtraq would help, e.g. what sort of noise, any sound from it, how you have it plugged in

There was nothing else like them in the day, suddenly I could have 128 sounds at whatever level compared to one another, and run it all in stereo, never looked back  :metal: .

 :whoohoo!: :thumb-up: You look very happy SC  :metal:

Hey Mike, does that mean you are using the TS100 on Sunday ?

MP1 / Re: MP-1 Ultimate 80's Tones
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Thanks MJMP,  :thumb-up: , so setting the depth (with rate 0) to 100 will give you a 17ms delay with 30kHz clock, and 10ms with a 50kHz clock. So you could try to emulate this in your delay unit (albeit, the ADA uses analog bucket brigade delay which is warmer).  So which sound better ? the 17 or 10 ms chorus  :dunno:

MP1 / Re: MP-1 Ultimate 80's Tones
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Hey MJMP, that's fantastic but what's the delay time when depth set to 100 in ms ? (IIRC you did post this before). I know it's a short doubling style delay (as that's part of how you make chorus) and shouldn't be more than 40 ms (or it starts to be an echo)

Ahh MJMP you snuck in will I was typing  :thumb-up:

No worries, moved to MP1 area.
So MJMP, Kim and Harley (who we haven't heard from for a bit) seem to have a decent handle on time lines etc.  I kind of know a bit about them from an Australian perspective as I used to do the guitar repairs for Pro Audio who were the Australian distributor (and Nunzio (the owner back then) is a friend of mine..).  But he didn't bring in everything (as I've found out later when I discovered the Depot many years ago).
So I bought one of the first MP1s Nunz imported (1987 ish ?), a V1 hardware unit (with top switch for Inst/line output level) probably 1.38 EPROM, and I upgraded the EPROM once along the way. MikeB now has this unit and has modernised it (MDRT, SS tube board, v2.01 EPROM, noise mod, battery mod, rear jack mod etc).  I sold it to Mike to buy the MP2 when it came into the country.  I don't think Nunz ever bought the MP1 classic to Australia  :dunno: as they came after the MP2.

MP1 / Re: MP-1 Ultimate 80's Tones
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It's chorus so it will be around 10 to 30 ish ms, very short, if you dig around you may find the post, you can call up either mine or MJMPs profile and select show posts (but there will be quite a few...) or trawl the MP1 area (unless MJMP remembers and posts it again)  :wave:

Thanks for posting the patch  :whoohoo!:

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