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Discussions / Re: New House - Rig Pics
« on: Today at 12:41 PM »
Very nice rigs man, love the Thiels  :thumb-up:

Have fun in the new digs, be sure to introduce yourself to the new neighbors so they knock on your door before calling the PoPo  C:-) C:-)

Discussions / Re: Guitar Playing Fatigue
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Kim - This is true, some songs will demand a repetitive holding of barre chords for me and eventually, my dang thumb gets a cramp behind the neck, or my finger locks up. It is the weirdest thing, and probably not a fatigue issue at all, just something I am going through. My index finger & sometimes my middle finger, get locked down to the palm of my hand. It's so strange...I've had it happen once or twice while playing guitar, but it really acts like a cramp of sorts.

My dad explained the same thing...check this out; he had surgery to repair it. What was going on? He says the tendons in your forearms...that go all the way across the top of your hands and control your fingers....have these little tubes they travel through. Those tendons develop small burrs (growths) on them as we age, making them get stuck on one side or the other of those tubes or channels. Like a guitar string that has a knot in it, and can't pass over the roller nut easily. (<--how's that guitar analogy?)

Anyway, Dad's all well now. I have avoided surgery so far, but fear it may be in my future. The 'locking up' thing doesn't happen often, but the last time it did, I was very dehydrated. Might have something to do with it.

Guitars / Re: Arrogantia guitars
« on: Time Format »

Please keep us all posted, that looks pretty dang amazing

Discussions / Re: Guitar Playing Fatigue
« on: Time Format »
Fish oil does wonders. I eat trail mix, because nuts have a lot of oils too. I give my dog fish oil, maybe I should take a couple shots before work? haha

I never thought about the life stress as a contributing factor, but I was in my worst pain during my worst job. Since that, my pain is not gone, but it's a lot easier to deal with. I think van is spot on (again).

Hot water will not only warm up those finger muscles, it'll increase circulation in your hand (that's why they get red), and loosen up those crusty oils (if any) in those old knuckles. However, I never considered the fact that I could rip up my fingers with soft skin on my hands. I guess you better wait a while before playing and keep your hands in your pockets for warmth ...or forgoe the water and get gloves ;)

Wow, that's a steal! THose are $300 everywhere

Discussions / Re: Guitar Playing Fatigue
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Yeah, I get that too. Sometimes my ring finger just gets weak and I struggle to even make barre chords. I think I've identified one of my problems is holding my god damn smart phone and an Xbox controller too much. I think I'm actually causing muscle stiffness and poor muscle memory. My sister is a physical therapist and she has me stretching my hands and fingers daily with some Bengay cream to loosen the muscles.
Another thing I've been doing I learned from a Joe Satriani interview.... about 10 minutes before you are going to play, run your hands and forearms under hot water in the sink. Do this for about 3-5 minutes.

Great advice  :thumb-up:  I thought that hot water trick was just something I did....didn't realize others were doing it too. I started that when riding my motorcycle to work in the winter....I'd go run hot water over my hands before working on the computer.

I use a pen tool and graphic tablet because the constant repetitive motion of the mouse button was too painful - I developed tennis elbow(s). This hurts my forearms very much if I don't stretch first (thought I had carpal tunnel).

Combo Amps / Re: Viper in it's natural habitat
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Hmmm....maybe we should somehow see if the new ADA company can reissue the Viper combo amp.   :thumb-up:

Maybe we could. They seem to cater to the stomp box crowd now, so a combo amp seems logical. Plus, it's got their speaker cab sims in it, which is one of their more popular pedals right now (as far as I know).

Last night was the first gig with the Viper. It did not disappoint, if anything, it exceeded expectations. The whole band sounded great last night, and we had a good crowd with lots of energy. That helps everyone play better, and somehow, makes everything sound better. Like John Madden said; 'winning is the best deodorant' and we were winning all night.

The Viper is so fun, it inspires me to play more, like a guitar that's too easy to play.

Discussions / Re: Starting to feel old
« on: Time Format »
I have to take off my glasses and solder things with my eyes mere inches from the project. My eyes are twice my age

Combo Amps / Re: NGD: Super Clean VIPER!!
« on: Time Format »
Uh, I think I'll pass on that 'mod' and leave the tubes inside.  :nono:

Funny thing; the manual actually recommends replacing them every two years

Combo Amps / Re: NGD: Super Clean VIPER!!
« on: Time Format »
WURLITZER. That's what it was. I knew you had some organ a box full.

I would imagine that these organ companies would want quiet tubes, not high gains. If so, I might be trying some Tung Sols and possibly a GE. I know that this amp uses one tube for the 'clean' or GREEN channel and both tubes for the 'gain' or RED a gain stack. Gotta figure out which tube does what, I may be in the market for a tube cocktail. Like a Tung Sol for the cleans and a JJ or something for the stack.

For now though, I ain't fixin' what ain't broke. It sounds killer.

Combo Amps / Re: NGD: Super Clean VIPER!!
« on: Time Format »
BUMP: I took the Viper chassis out today to inspect the innards after I noticed the input jack is pretty floppy. I tightened the jack nut, but all that did was make it harder to put the plug in...still a bit wobbly when fully inserted. Pretty ingenious design really, the amp chassis just sits on a shelf in the back of the speaker cab. I shoulda taken pix, that would help you understand what I mean.

Anyway, as i suspected, the jacks are those 'boxed-in' kind that attach directly to a pcb. Awesome...nothing's easy sometimes.

So...while inside, I wanted to see what kind of tubes were in there, because they sound AMAZING. I don't want to change them, because they sound that good. First, they are not easy to change. You have to remove the little tiny reverb tank just to reach inside, and it's still not easy. I flashed my light in there, to get a good look at the print on the tubes - one is encased in a shield with a ground wire attached, so I'm trying to read the other one. It's got green writing, kinda Old English looking font...can't make it out....the writing is on the far side of the tube.

I end up taking the tube out, and I can honestly say that I don't have any of these tubes in any other amps, nor have I ever. The green print says: Baldwin Pianos and Organs

I take the ground shield off the other one and pull it out; yup, another Baldwin. Apparently, these organ tubes sound great in a Viper. I think Kim landed a box full of Baldwin tubes a while back.

Combo Amps / Viper in it's natural habitat
« on: Time Format »
So, I brought the little Viper to rehearsal last night. It was the first time using the amp in a band environment. This is where the rubber hits the road....I don't care what your gear sounds like at home, the test is going to be whether or not you fit in the mix...or, whether or not you're just punching a hole straight through it.

My singer (also a guitarist) uses a Blackstar and, while it sounds good, it ain't all that and a bag of chips. The selling point with that amp is, he only uses the pedal for that amp and the FX within it, which is easy for him to set up & tear down. Every now and then, he gets a good tone out of that thing, mostly his cleans. He's constantly saying...."I have a Blackstar" as in statements like "Other people use a ton of pedals and a big pedal board, I have a Blackstar". He sees my rack gear as complicated, which confuses him, so he says "That's why I keep things simple, I have a Blackstar".

I'd heard enough. I texted him about the amp he'd understand...a combo. I told him "I have an ADA and it's gonna make your Blackstar it's bitch". I was sure to include the other band members in the text, and both the drummer and bass player were cracking up. FFWD a week later and it's rehearsal time.

1) As soon as we get through the first song (Working for the Weekend, yes, Loverboy...don't judge me), he turns around and says "that thing sounds big".

2) Second song (Surrender, Cheap Trick); he turns himself down a bit and starts playing less guitar during the vocal parts. He's never done either of those things before, it was pretty cool to have the extra dynamics in that song. The Viper is very responsive to picking attack, something I LOVE. I can just pick softer to play during the verses and bang on the strings during louder choruses - the sustained big chords with this thing are amazing.

3) Third song (My Own Worst Enemy, LIT); this is where the Viper shines. I have the amp's Boost set as my solo - it's about 6-7db of volume for solos. I have the Nova System's boost as a 'half' boost, or a way to emphasize particular recognizable riffs that the crowd expects to hear. The intro and main riff use the 'half' boost and the solo gets the full monty. Setting it up this way is a convenient little feature (plus, I had two boosts to use anyway). After that song, he was completely sold. "You've always had great tone, but that thing is knocking it out of the park"

I totally agree.

Introduce Yourself / Re: Hello from California
« on: Time Format »
Nice to see ya buddy! Don't be a stranger  :wave:

Combo Amps / Re: NGD: Super Clean VIPER!!
« on: Time Format »
Tomy - YES. I have hooked up my 1x12 Thiele cab and my 4x12 H&K cab to this little beast already. The thing about external speakers is, they don't get the Vericab voicing at all, just clean signal (to use the sound of the actual speaker cab). My Thiele was a bit bright (big magnet on that EV speaker), and my H&K 4x12 was pretty transparent, but not as loud as the Viper because the sound was distributed to four speakers instead of one.

I think I prefer the 4x12 cab.... I'm going to try using that without the Viper's internal speaker running.

Thanks guys

I don't use the preamp models in my GX-700 at all, just the effects. I think the easiest solution for me is just to keep two racks; one for each preamp. I have two GX-700s anyway, each one tailored for the preamp it's mated with.

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