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Let us never forget our beloved founder - RIP Jurrie, we all miss you very much

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Discussions / Re: R.I.P Malcome Young
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Rock & Roll Royalty, to be sure :(  You simply cannot tell the story of Rock without mentioning him.

He had been battling that dementia for some time, at least he's not fighting that anymore. RIP

Rack Gear / Re: Digitech 2112
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My unit has some issues with oscillating noise, so I put the 2112 in the rack with my spare GX-700. I'll just use that for FX and use the 2112 for a preamp.

Rack Gear / Re: Digitech 2112
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It is the S/Dish DSPs model, and I can smooooothly switch between patches. Pretty cool unit and it sounds great.

Rack Gear / Re: Digitech 2112
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Cool. Throw in a fresh set of tubes and try the graph eq settings from my VGS2120 thread ( Adjust gain to taste.
If you wanna get the most outta the 2112, invest another 25bucks and get the latest FW (

I will definitely check those settings, SC. Thank you! The tubes don't have a brand, they just say 5781 and have a few dots that look like braille, possibly a logo. I have a bunch of 12ax7s in my parts bin I can try later. I wonder if one tube controls clean, the other gain, or if they're both gain, or what??

Rack Gear / Re: Digitech 2112
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UPDATE: I have read some of the manual and my Quad switch is now activating the SOLO button!! Woot!! I can assign at least 3 CC #s that I can tell - possibly more. I think I may need another quad switch - haha

I will be getting acquainted with this thing all day today, should have something to share by tonight.

Rack Gear / Re: Digitech 2112
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So, while I was perusing Craigslist again (always dangerous), I spied a combo amp. A tube combo. A Peavey Triumph 120. It has four 6L6s in it and one FOUR 12ax7s, One 12AT7, and it's stupid loud. It also weighs more than my Boogie did. It's a 1x12 120w monster. I didn't like the gains, but I didn't spend more than 10 seconds trying them and I don't intend to use them anyway. The clean is very nice. It weighs about as much as my Jeep and has tiny wheels, unlike my Jeep.

I ran the digitech 2112 into the input jack and wasn't impressed. I plugged into the FX return and promptly incited great amounts of feedback because the preamp's output was a bit high. Oops. The cat was pretty freq'd out. He's better now and I like the tones much better.

The stock patches are not great, I have yet to RTFM and start tweaking. I did arrange some basic patches into banks for later, but they need some work. I figured out how to move/save patches from the factory presets to user presets and so on, but the fine tuning of FX requires a bit of study first to save time. I'll get on it.

Kim: This is plan C. Plan D is the little Fly Rig I just picked up. Plan B is my main rig right now because I F'd up my plan A (the Classic) :(

Rack Gear / Digitech 2112
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Well lookie what showed up on Craigslist last night... a Digitech 2112 for $140  :thumb-up:

It's beat up, and dirty, but I plugged it in and all the lights came on. I hooked it up and it sounded awful....totally choked signal, barely audible. Then I realized, the input and output knobs were turned nearly all the way down  :facepalm:  So, I turned up the output and GREAT GOogLY MOoGLY, it was loud.  :o

I went through all the presets and found the ones I need to start with. There is some issue with one of the FX or a setting or whatever, but it results in an oscillating sound when you're not playing...YUK. It's not on all the patches, just a few, so if I can just avoid that effect, I'm good. There are tubes glowing in there, but I have no idea what they are or how old they must be.

I haven't even cracked the manual open yet, so I have yet to figure out if I can use my Quad switch with the SOLO button on this thing. Hopefully, I can. If not, I'll hook my GX-700 to it and use that.

It's 90s bliss, and a nice upgrade from the Behringer. Although, I am hanging on to the Behringer for emergencies. Once I clean up the 2112, I'll send some pix and sound clips.

Effects / Re: NGD! Tech 21 Fly Rig RK5
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Nice !! Is it the same one Ritchie Kotzen used?

Yes, it's the RK5 = Richie Kotzen (not sure what the five means, but there are five buttons, so there y'go)

GORGEOUS!! Wow, I'm totally smitten by the look of this guitar  :-* :-* :-*

And, whatta price! I'm all about the bargains, great score

Effects / Re: NGD! Tech 21 Fly Rig RK5
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I saw a guy put one in his guitar is about as narrow as a guitar neck. Pretty impressive tones for a tiny little unit. I just pulled the trigger on DigiTech Whammy Wah XP 100 to pair with this little monster. that should be able to fit on the floor board and just need to plug into an amp or mixer  :thumb-up:

I can put the Crate Powerblock in one side of my suitcase with all my cords and mics and then have the Fly Rig + whammy pedal on the floor board in the other half of the suitcase. I literally can show up with a suitcase + speaker cab + guitars. No rack, no amp head. Enough to get through a gig.

PS: There is a chorus (detune) effect in the Whammy and you can also set the delay on the Fly Rig to sound very chorus-y.

Effects / Re: NGD! Tech 21 Fly Rig RK5
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Okay folks, I've been playing around with this little gem and I have a quick demo for you. I gotta say, it sounds pretty good, good enough for who it's for.

I apologize for standing so close to the iPad during recording, you can hear my strings a bit too loudly.

Rig Rundown: Epiphone Korina Vee with Seymour Duncan Jazz/JB pickups into Tech 21 Fly Rig RK5, into a Crate PowerBlock 150, plugged into a Hughes & Kettner Vortex 4x12 cab.

Effects / NGD! Tech 21 Fly Rig RK5
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There I was, sitting on a bit of gig money....needing a new guitar wireless....when I stumbled across a Tech 21 Fly Rig RK5. I couldn't help it, I pulled the trigger. Just got it late last night and only played it for a few minutes. It's a pretty cool lil' unit. I'm going to be playing it exclusively this weekend to really put it through the ringer.

Photos and sound clips to come, please stay tooned

I got two  :dunno:

Don't see any others, or any marks to indicate which ones they were in. They seem to be plastic though, does it matter where they go? Are they compression washers to keep the plastic nuts tight? That's what they seem to be, but I'm speculating.

Update: I have come to a resolution on the placement of the washers....they will go on the only two jacks I use. Actually, I only use one (Switch #2). If I begin to use the CC pedal again, I'll plug it into Pedal #2. Problem solved.

My MXC power supply was acting up and I figured out it's the adapter jack in the pedal itself. It's loose, so that if I step on the pedal just right, it cycles the power and sends me back to patch 01...which is silent.....grrr

I tried re-flowing the solder on that piece, but its still acting up. I think the little plastic receptacle is just worn and 'stretched out'

I guess I'll be replacing that part, but for now, where do these two washers go? They were on the 1/4" jacks, but there are four jacks and only two washers....which two get them? CC Pedal 1&2 or Switch 1&2?  :dunno:

Rack Gear / Re: Peavey TubeFEX
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Well that kind of makes sense, you press the button ready for the change, then just let go when you want it without having to look down again, handy if you are singing.

If I had the forethought to do that ahead of time, yes it would be handy. Unfortunately, I usually forget about changing at all until it's nearly too late. Ahhhh!!

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